RPG Asset Character which can be used with my other RPG Assets or your own created projects.

'Ranger' Sprite Sheet:

Heres our Hero!, or Villian!, or just your helpful NPC, or maybe not so helpful? who knows. What we do know is he has 4 directional movement, carries a Dagger and/or Sword! for which ever adventure he is a part of. :)

The Sprite sheets has the frames for 15 Animations! Run, Walk, Push, Pull, Flee, Climb(wall), Climb(rope), Injured, Ledge, Shimmey, Throw, Death, Crawl, Water and Swim! all in 8 Directions! I have even included files of all animations in their strips for easy use.

Plus: Avatar animations for Talk, Laugh and Surprise, and static frames for Aquire, Attack, Pick Up, Hit, Jump, Block, Fall, & Swing.

Plus Plus: Sword and Dagger frames for Attack stance and /or GUI elements!

This asset has been created using a colour pallette from a PAL model NES system and its colour limitations to provide you with graphics needed to create a genuine looking NES game. :)


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published June 23, 2018

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