A very simple, but very effective (and sizeable!) Inventory System with many usefully functions, created by Hule Studios!

Bonus: There are 51 FREE Items sprites for you! For who has purchased this asset!

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Version 1.2.2. Published March 27, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 27 May 2019


Anonymous 20 April 2019


Anonymous 22 February 2019


Anonymous 19 February 2019


Alberto M 29 January 2019


Anonymous 26 January 2019


Anonymous 24 December 2018


Anonymous 17 August 2018


Mihajlo C 09 November 2017


Anonymous 26 September 2017

how to use it i dont get gmx file


Evan B 04 September 2017


Anonymous 04 January 2018

Best Inventory I've seen so far!

What's not to like? It's free, it's customizable (in basically all ways), and it's easy to use! Even if you don't know much about code, you can still use it. It's well commented, so you can understand what is happening. So if you were like me, when I first downloaded it and only ever used code when you can copy and paste it, you can still understand how to use it(to an extent)! So far, I've found no bugs, and it works great! (Although... I've found a few typos ex: glas, diamont,etc. Not sure if they are intentional, but they are fun to find)
One thing I would like to see in this though is making it easier to add custom mini inventories (armor slots/hot bars/gear slots/weapon slots). I've also suggested a few other things, but most of them are just techs. you can still find a way to use the inventory without it! (Use the custom scripts!).


Wayutit C 13 June 2017

Bug and freeze

it's good for free version. but not work


Anonymous 14 April 2017

very confused

I have no idea what I am doing with all this, is there anywhere with more instruction?


Jackie P 14 October 2016

Can't stop picking up items when inventory's full

Anyone show me how can i stop picking up items from ground when inventory is full, please

When it's full, just destroy the items from ground for nothing. Thanks so much !

Please help me, i am a newbie in game maker and still learning , so it's hard for me to do it myself


Leigh S 18 July 2016

Can't argue with free

Really nice system overall, also free!

I encountered a weird bug while playing with it.
- Spawn two types of items (with Q)
- Drop one of the items (with I) to get 15 left on a stack
- Press A while hovering over the 15 item stack
This freezes the game

Not something that will affect me but thought you may want to know.
Seems to be no check on if inventory is full when you go to add items - though that's not hard to do yourself.


Ivan B 24 June 2016

i like that inventory and all, but...

i would like to control inventory with arrows or keys to move from slot to slot, i manage to interect that is easy, but to move with arrows or with gamepad its hard. could you guys improve this?


Trey F 03 June 2016

Love the product!

Love the product and the design! Only problem is I am rather new to programing an I am having trouble integrating it into my game. I would love a Dummies guide on how to implement it since it is difficult to gather how I would go about it from the ///remarks. Thank you in advance!


Eldon H 12 September 2015

Good Inventory System (2 problems)

Inventory system is organized well and flexible. Price it good for value.

I took off 1 star for broken engine. Starting a new project and importing only his files, you cannot drop items once the stack size gets to 1. The item either doesn't drop or deletes itself. You'll notice in his own video, he doesn't drop all the items in stack.

This wouldn't be a problem if he had good customer support. I emailed him about the problem two months ago. He replied that he'll fix if he finds it. 1 month later and I email him again for update and problem still persists. Ok, he must be busy. Then I wait a week or two later and email again. Sorry, but waiting 2 months for help is -1 star.

I also have other problems with deleting items in inventory without them needing to be selected. There might be an engine solution to this, but again, I can't contact him.


EDIT: Added a star for the fixed Engine. Thanks for update.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Hule Studios (Publisher) 12 September 2015

Hello Eldon H.

Thank you for your review. I'm so sorry that I didn't response you. I've many emails and I'm busy on real life. (School, Drive School, etc.)
But it does not matter, this is still my fault that I didn't answer you.

Anyways, to the problem:
Okay, Game Maker update broke most of my function on Inventory System.

Anyways, there is a new Update and your problem is fixed. Thank you. :)

- China

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