The NailBuster GUI Widget Library is a well-liked and popular addition that adds easy-to-use and flexible Visual Components to your Game Menus/User Interface!

The library is designed to be very feature rich, easy to control, and with advanced features like button and label tweening animations. The library has been released/development for over a year, and I've updated it frequently...

Try the online html5 demo to see it in action:

Current Widgets: Button, Label, CheckBox, ListBox, Image, BubbleMsg, EditBox, Dialogs, ComboBox, ComboGroup, TextBox, AnimatedText, Slider, Gauge, Horizontal ListBox, KeyboardPopUp, Panels..and more!

//This Asset is now open-sourced and you can use it any/all your projects for free....see license.txt //

Documentation PDF :

Sample Project:

Please read the license.txt within asset for full license info.

Goals of the library was to minimize # of objects to manage. The sample project app actually only uses ONE object to control all the events from the components. You actually don’t touch the widget objects, everything is done with properties created in the room editor(or in code)… great!

Library comes with FULL GML SOURCE CODE, this is not an GMStudio Extension that is complicated or ‘hides’ source.

Pure GML code, works with html5, android, windows, iOS,winphone...

Asset has (as included files) Manual/Documentation and sample project...

YouTube Tutorials:

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.5.1. Published July 10, 2017

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