With this dialogue engine you can easily add text boxes with dialogue to your games. You can also add options that affect the dialogue or change variables. It's easy to change the speed of the text and colors or the sprite shown in the text box.

Everything works with scripts. The scripts included are:

  • textbox_create() - Creates a textbox with dialogue.

  • textbox_set() - Sets things like color, font, outline, alpha, name of the speaker, etc.

  • textbox_set_speed() - Sets how fast the text increases in each message.

  • textbox_set_key() - Sets the keyboard keys used to speak and skip dialogue.

  • textbox_add_options() - Adds options to a specific message.

  • textbox_change_message_according_option() - Changes a message depending on what option the player chooses.

  • textbox_exists() - Checks if textbox exists.

  • chooses_option() - Checks what option the player has chosen. (Can be used to change a variable depending on what option has been chosen).

Every script has an explanation and example. I have tried to make this dialogue engine as easy to use as possible. Thank you for using it!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.0

  • There appeared a -4 when using less than 3 options. Now it's fixed.

  • Removed the script textbox_change_variable_according_option(). It didn't work, so I replaced it with the function chooses_option(). Example on using it:

if chooses_option() = 1 { with(player) { hp += 90; } }else if chooses_option() = 2 { with(player) { hp += 20; } }

There is now a new example npc that shows how to use this new script.

Version 1.1.0. Published July 10, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Gadyka 5 11 August 2018


Alexander R 02 August 2018

This is PERFECT.

I have to wonder how fortunate I really am when I stumble upon an asset like this.
It's eerie how compatible this engine is with my project, as if I commissioned it myself.
I even used a similar aesthetic in RPG Maker, so that's cozy...but all that aside, this really is a well-done product.
It works how you expect and how you want.

If you're familiar with RPG Maker, this is likely the closest we have to a similar dialogue system that works out of box.

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