HMAC for Game Maker Language

A couple of scripts related to creating a HMAC (hash-based message authentication code).

Wikipedia Explaination:

Quick start

  • Import the scripts you require into your project.
  • Call them, they will all follow the structure buffer_hmac_{hashtype}(buffer, offset, size, key)


  • Game Maker Studio 2 (Untested in GMS1)


If you would like to help implement buffer_hmac_sha256 and buffer_hmac_sha512 scripts, I'd happily put them into the Github repository here:

A user on the YoYoGames Forums has a HMAC-SHA512 implementation here, however it might require some effort to port it / test it.


  • JujuAdams for their scr_juju_hmac_sha1_no_dependencies(key, string) script to use as an example.
  • mimsi for their HMAC SHA512 implementation.
  • Gdrooid for their diagram of SHA1-HMAC generation. (Screenshot used for GM Marketplace)

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Version 1.0.1. Published March 18, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 22 June 2018

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