Infinity Dog turns a normal room into one that wraps horizontally and vertically. Create a spooky infinite forest, or an infinite space adventure, or..!!!!

It's extremely easy to implement, just call the infinitydog_wrap_room() script once per step.

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Version 1.0.0. Published September 6, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Christopher Y 08 April 2019

What I've been looking for for a long time!

It has reinvigorated me get back to work on an old project!


Anonymous 05 January 2019


Sven B 27 December 2017

Verry nice

it's good for what i've seen now i need to learn this code to know what everything exactly does


Anonymous 03 December 2017


Patrick W 04 July 2017


Bart B 03 July 2017

Almost perfect

Too bad it won't work with surfaces. :v


Damar S 21 February 2016

No problem

Its pretty cool... Useful asset for top down game.. Easy to implement


Andreas M 09 April 2015


Wish it would work with Game Maker physics engine.

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