Just an old 3D forward rendering shader code that I'm sharing. HLSL 9

A few technical issues with this implementation, use for learning purposes only.

CONDITIONS OF USE: No support for assets. Support emails regarding this asset will not be answered.

You may use any of these shaders in your game(s), paid or free. eg: GameJolt, Steam, own website are permitted.

You may not redistribute any of the shaders/examples on the Yoyogames Marketplace, paid or free as projects, extensions, shaders, etc are not permitted.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published November 2, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1773

Age Rating: 4+

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Anders W 14 July 2019

Looks awesome, not perfect as a learning tool

When importing the project I got some sort of corruption that put some of the scripts in 20 layers of subgroups named "group", the shaders don't compile unless you manually change them to HLSL 9 (they get reset to openGL). Source file might need to be re-checked a bit for validity.

Almost no code events start with a triple-slash comment that describe what they do, this makes it hard to understand at a glance how things work - you need to read through EVERYTHING. A bunch of resources have CamelCased names while everything else use_underscores. scr_create_level_model has a lot of code repeats that could've been more elegantly solved using parenting and a "modelization" script for each type of terrain object... right now the primitive placeholders don't really do anything, other objects have all the logic AND data... which just adds more convolution to dig through to reach any understanding. Even as a copypaste-grab it's a bit messy since assets lack a resource-specific prefix...


Anonymous 05 July 2019


mason t 29 March 2019


Anonymous 06 November 2018


Foxy O 22 November 2017


There's a bug on screen when I remove the ceiling
The screen surface draws repeatedly.


xygthop3's Shader Resources (Publisher) 08 January 2018

Easy fix -

Edit the scr_deferred_final_pass() script and add this on line 7 - draw_clear(c_black);


Ali A 02 November 2017

Its surprised

Thank you for share Your 3D experience and shader in GMS

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