Z3D Engine is a fake-3d engine designed for simplicity, efficiency, performance, and ease of use.

Z3D engine provides the following features:

  • position,
  • motion,
  • collision detection,
  • depth sorting/draw order

for your 2.5D games.

Suitable for games where you have a static, 3/4 view of the world, where the side and top of objects are visible, like The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon, River City Ransom, TMNT: The Arcade Game, etc.

In a 2D GameMaker room, x and y coordinates are used for positions in the 2D space. 3D requires a third variable for the third dimension, z. In the Z3D Engine, x and y are used to represent the "floor" plane as viewed from a top-down perspective, from a forced perspective that gives the viewer a full view of one side and top of objects, while z is used for altitude.

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Version 1.1.0. Published March 3, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1788

Age Rating: 4+

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Jake N 15 October 2018

Save yourself the time and just buy this!

It is quite hard to find resources and helpful information on how to implement a 2.5D z engine system as it is, let alone a one-stop-shop with all of the bells and whistles. This engine has it. I wish I found this engine MONTHS ago. It would have saved me so much time and frustration. If you are trying create a 2.5D game and you want vertical movement, just get this engine. for only $5, you will save yourself DAYS, WEEKS, maybe even MONTHS of frustration trying to get this delicate system to work in your game properly.


Nicholas D 11 July 2018


Vinicius G 06 March 2018

Definitive z axis engine for topdown platformers

As someone who has spent considerable time studying and experimenting with z axis mechanics on game maker, I can assure you this is the most complete z-jumping engine I have found to exist, with every feature a developer would need to make games in the vein of the Super Mario RPG series and PS1's Alundra. The expected gameplay can be described as zelda perspective plus geometrically correct jumping. The engine is very well documented and the code is nicely commented, while the example is great at showing how to make and use the expected gameplay elements but still generic enough not to restrict the criativity of the developers. The z functions are as close to GML native functions as it gets. I cannot recommend it enough, as it will save devs from the headaches that come from implementing z collision engines from scratch, while still explaining why everything is set in such way, so you have complete understanding of what is happening on your game. I am eager for new updates and features


csanyk (Publisher) 18 March 2018

Getting a review like this makes it all worthwhile. Thanks so much for your feedback and support. <3

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