Neural network on GML!


  • nn_create() - create neural netork, return id

  • nn_destroy(id) - destroy neural network

  • nn_add_neuron(id) - create new neuron in current network

  • nn_get_output(id, input_list) - launch neural network and return list with output

  • nn_train_train(id, train_id) - train neural network

  • nn_get_neuron_number(id) - return number of neurons in network

  • train_create() - create information for training neural networks, return train_id

  • train_add_input(train_id, val, val, ...) or train_add_input_list(train_id, input_list) - add input signals for training

  • train_add_output(train_id, val, val, ...) or train_add_output_list(train_id, output_list) - add desired signals for comparison

  • train_destroy(id) - destroy current train

Some examples inside.

This is simple single-layer perceptron, I hope this example will help many people to understand that neural network is easy.

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Version 1.0.0. Published February 17, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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jonah " 14 April 2019

im sure its great but im new to extensions

I was hoping for at least a little documentation on how to use it but my game maker wouldn't initialize it so I couldn't use the scrips inside. I've spent a couple of hours looking up how to do it but I couldn't figure it out.


Anonymous 02 July 2019


This extension is very very good. It's great and it's very useful. Thank you.
I think it is very advanced for most of us. If you want and can you could give an example of how to use a neural network to learn a series of calculations. And / or also put an example of a simple data classification tool like the K-Nearest-Neighbor algorithm.
Again; thank you.


Bart B 13 March 2018

One question

This is probably too advanced, but is there a way to, for example, input 100 strings and have the neural network generate sentences out of those strings? It would be amazing


Vishnya Games (Publisher) 14 August 2018

Yes, why not


Caleb H 27 December 2017

Awesome! also I think I found a bug...

To start, this is an awesome set of scripts. I found out about neural networks a little while ago, and had planed to make one for a "learning" A.I. I am going to make. So thanks for this great place to start!

Now about the bug, in the script "nn_train_train" there is this line of code: "asdad=argument3".
A: The variable "asdad" is never used elsewhere.
B: "argument3" is accessed directly, a few lines down.
C: "asdad"? A typo? Or maybe a joke?

P.S. Thanks again for the for this asset. I had planed to make my neural network in a .dll extension, so that I could work with a few more coding tools. In other words, this saves me a lot of work, thank you!


Vishnya Games (Publisher) 05 December 2018



Marcos C 24 August 2017


Sven B 11 July 2017

Looks good

This is like google's autodraw


Anonymous 23 April 2017


Ata N 21 May 2018

What is it?

Hello, first, thanks !
Neural Network ? What is it?
It's like Artificial Intelligence that can guess our drawings/operations?

Sorry to ask.. But I dislike be dumb forever :)

Updated my review to 5 stars (due to the Marketplace rated it to 0 stars on 5... Wish there is a neutral vote..)


Vishnya Games (Publisher) 12 March 2017

This is one simple type of neural network that can be trained on input and output data(they can be from 0 to 1). It's more of a calculator than the intellect
I recommend to visit the page in Wikipedia about perceptron for greater understanding :)

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