This extension offers functions for working with INI files that exceed the built-in ones:

  • GMS1 & GMS2 compatible!
  • Allows to open multiple INI files at once (as many as you want).
  • Supports escape characters in keys/values/section names (can write any string).
  • Preserves comments, order, and original formatting of the file.
  • Error-proof: Even if the file is not a valid INI at all, extension will not error.
  • Writes values in most-optimal, readable format. Quotes only if necessary.
  • Allows to work with encrypted INI files (akin to ds_map_secure_* functions).
  • Allows to load INI from string and save to string (great for HTTP/networking).
  • Allows to flush INI to disk without having to reopen it.
  • Allows to get key names and section names for iterating over them.
  • Supports all target platforms, optimized both for native platforms and JavaScript-based ones.
  • new! Can be used as drop-in instead of built-in functions - just import file_ini_instead_of_ini.gmez, and all built-in INI functions will use file_ini instead.

Check out the blog post for a detailed breakdown!

If you'd like to test it yourself, an interactive web demo is available:

If you are having trouble buying via Marketplace, you can also get the extension via

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.3. Published July 22, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1804

Age Rating: 4+

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David G 27 November 2017

Works really nicely!

Great extension that really cleaned up my INI handling process!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jeff J 16 March 2017

Great extension by a great developer

This extension does exactly what it says, and it's much, much better than the built-in INI file system. Why this isn't standard in GMS, I have no idea - it really should be.

It's also as easy as it can possibly be to replace with your existing INI functionality (bear in mind that since this supports multiple files, you will need to store each opened file in its own variable and then use that going forward)

YellowAfterlife has shown fantastic support - when I conctacted him with a small bug relating to UTF-8 encoding he fixed it right away, and he also added a feature at my request that was quite frankly unnecessary and just a personal preference of mine (adding a flag to choose whether or not to add quotes to keys and values) - but he did it, and fast.

Great value for the money, and by a great developer. Worth every penny. Should be standard in GMS!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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