Build with and for GMS2.

Inventory DB2 is the successor of Inventory DB but for GMS2. It works with a database that is a simple CSV file. You can easily create a CSV file using notepad or much better: Excel. Each row is an item and each column a property(like name, sprite, maximum stack, etc...).

Upon start, a ds_grid is builded from that file and you use that grid as a reference every time you need an information on an item.

One object to rule them all! A single object controls as many containers you add: belts, chests, crates, backpacks, storage room, etc...

Inventory DB2 has many features to help players keeping their items organized:

  • Items database on csv file.
  • Dynamically creates containers if needed.
  • Toggle containers on/off. (Using surfaces)
  • Display properties of selected item.
  • Move, swap and sort items.
  • Drop, use or split stack.
  • Fixed or moving inventory.
  • Can be resized in game.
  • Works with views.
  • Auto-stacking items.

As always, everything is well commented and you'll get a fast reply if you need help.

-Tested for windows and YYC. Interaction with mouse, not gamepad.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.2.1. Published April 14, 2019

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