Welcome to the Dodozen's - 3D Exporter. Inside this package you'll find all the necessary assets to import your OPEN-COLLADA mesh files (.DAE) and translate them to Dodozen's professional DODOZEN 3D format (.DZ3)

This new format was specially designed to work very efficiently with Gamemaker Studio and all the Dodozen shaders and 3d materials.

The exporter is able to translate the DAE models to .DZ3 custom Dodozen format but is able to translate the DAE files to the Gamemaker 3d format D3D.

The DZ3 format supports:

  • 2 UV coordinate channels (UV channel 1 and UV channel 2)
  • Full vertex colour support
  • High precision Normals
  • High precision Tangents

The DZ3 gamemaker classic format supports:

  • 1 UV coordinate channel
  • Full vertex colour support
  • Normals

However, even if you export the meshes with the classic Gamemaker 3d format; the Dodozen's 3D exporter is able to re-codify the second UV coordinates channel in the vertex colour of your models.

This secondary UV channel is incredibly useful for light-mapping and texture blending shader techniques.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.7

  • fix: optional tangents. If the model has no tangets it can be now exported too. The auto-generated tangents will be set to NULL.

Version 1.0.7. Published January 3, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.299

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 May 2016

Yes, poor compatibilty

Doesn't work for me with Blender exportet DAE files. I bought Dodozens another extension with material shaders. This would work only if this converter would work!


Josh L 01 July 2015

Poor Compatibility

Doesn't work with Sketchup .DAE or Autodesk .DAE files. In the past it had limited compatibility with these, the developer kept fixing issues to try and offer rounded support, but the .DAE file format is apparently so fractured that it's hard to get it working perfectly. The program will just crash or freak out depending what kind of (evidently) unsupported .DAE format you use.

Without support for these two essential tools, it's useless to me. I couldn't recommend it, and I'm really sad to say it. It just doesn't work. Maybe you might have better luck if you use Blender or something else, hence the 2 stars.

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