A very simple, yet very effective GLSL bloom shader. Creative Commons license;

Perfect for 2D fullscreen blooming.

2 parameters:

Blur size (recommended to keep small - make it high if you want some intense weird drunk effect) Bloom intensity (0 = none, 1 = quite a bit, 80 = wow)

Example uses the application surface and a background to apply bloom to.

Image courtesy of "anotverycreativemind" on flickr.


Based on this shader:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published November 3, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 November 2018


Keith D 13 October 2018

Works like a charm

Easy to use and does the job well! Great tool!


Furkan K 30 September 2018


Anonymous 18 September 2018



Anonymous 18 July 2018

Works really well, can't fault it.


Anonymous 29 May 2018


DukeSoft (Publisher) 04 July 2018

Hi, I think my reply will be fired into the voids of cyberspace, but if you have any problems with the asset, please let me know so I can help you :)


Alec A 30 April 2018


Anonymous 14 March 2018


Jonathan P 07 February 2018

Does what it says on the tin

Very easy to use, looks great. Thanks for providing it for free!


DukeSoft (Publisher) 04 July 2018

Thanks for the kind words!


Anonymous 22 October 2017

Amazing work !

I started to work on an old project and this little gem saved me so much time.


DukeSoft (Publisher) 04 July 2018

Good to hear! Enjoy :)


Yihang X 21 July 2017


Fredrik H 31 May 2018

Works with 3D as well.

I had to try this with 3D as well, and it workds great.
Here are some examples with before and after the shader.




DukeSoft (Publisher) 04 July 2018

Cool! Thanks for sharing.


Jordan V 08 May 2017

Awesome shader!

works perfectly in my 3D game!


DukeSoft (Publisher) 04 July 2018

Good to hear! Thanks.


Mischa v 04 April 2017

problems with fullscreen shader

Hi, for some reason I can't use this shader properly when I turn on fullscreen. is there a simple way to make this work?


DukeSoft (Publisher) 12 April 2017

It should work - I think there's something else wrong on your code. Maybe open up a topic on the forums?


Anonymous 05 March 2017


Anonymous 18 November 2016

Bleeding-in to a sprite option.

Hey! This is a nice bloom effect, but one thing that would really distinguish it from a few other bloom effects I've seen, would be if you could have the bloom effect "bleed-in" to any particular sprites without having the bloom apply uniformly to the entire screen. Right now, if I have a sprite on the screen, it also lights up with the effect, which is fine, but not really what an ideal bloom should be like. The lighted parts should be around the edges and bleeding into a sprite from the edges, rather than throughout the entire image. Here is an example of what I mean;

In any case, good job! Keep up the good work!


DukeSoft (Publisher) 07 November 2016

Hey Michael,

You're very much so right! This isn't a real "bloom" shader, if you look at those specifications. This is more like a "glow&blur" shader - which is in fact what it does - it blurs the image and "multiplies" the blur with the image and the multiplier given. Its not really bloom as in "lighting parts of an image" - but its not what I used it for (I'm using it for a full-screen flash effect). It is a very simple shader and I intend to keep it that way. I'll change the name to "simple bloom shader" because its not really an HDR bloom shader.

Thanks for the feedback anyway :)

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