Do they bury the dead, or dig them up? You decide! This fella can perform such actions as digging and tossing dirt, shovel stabbing, walking, dying, plus more! Images are rendered large for your re-sizing needs. Includes dirt sprites for tossin'.


gdigger_arm1, 47x130, 1 frame

gdigger_arm2, 68x134, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt1, 26x30, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt2, 26x46, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt3, 32x40, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt4, 29x31, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt5, 30x32, 1 frame

gdigger_dirt6, 72x59, 1 frame

gdigger_shovel, 74x45, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_air, 150x208, 3 frames

gdigger_V1_att1, 225x192, 14 frames

gdigger_V1_att2, 260x201, 12 frames

gdigger_V1_cball, 110x168, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_die, 194x202, 12 frames

gdigger_V1_head, 73x99, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_land, 173x208, 4 frames

gdigger_V1_leg1, 37x64, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_leg2, 40x55, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_loser, 122x169, 1 frame

**gdigger_V1_move, 137x205, 12 frames

gdigger_V1_ouch, 206x198, 4 frames

gdigger_V1_stand, 117x190, 12 frames

gdigger_V1_torso, 68x102, 1 frame

gdigger_V1_victory, 142x238, 15 frames

gdigger_V2_air, 151x227, 3 frames

gdigger_V2_att1, 225x209, 14 frames

gdigger_V2_att2, 260x213, 12 frames

gdigger_V2_cball, 121x188, 1 frame

gdigger_V2_die, 207x220, 12 frames

gdigger_V2_head, 95x109, 1 frame

gdigger_V2_land, 178x216, 4 frames

gdigger_V2_leg1, 37x64, 1 frame

gdigger_V2_leg2, 38x53, 1 frame

gdigger_V2_loser, 141x195, 1 frame

**gdigger_V2_move, 137x217, 12 frames

gdigger_V2_ouch, 259x214, 4 frames

gdigger_V2_stand, 117x201, 12 frames

gdigger_V2_torso, 68x102, 1 frame

gdigger_V2_victory, 142x238, 15 frames

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Version 1.0.0. Published August 10, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 9+

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