This is a path-based lightning system that uses some self-contained scripts to create fantastic looking lightning and laser effects.


  • Simple scripts that give complex effects
  • Highly customisable
  • Draw script can be used on ANY PATH, not just the ones created as "tentacles" in the demo
  • Includes simple path collision script that can also be used anywhere
  • Expandable - you can add custom sprites/forms to the draw script to personalise your effects
  • Lightning can be created dynamically and also deal "damage" to instances (examples shown in demo)

The demo project shows various different usages of these scripts and the different effects that can be achieved from very minor tweaks to the input values.

You can download the demo project for testing before you buy here:

NOTE: This currently does not work on the HTML5/JS targets, but is fine on all the rest. It should work with WebGL enabled, so I am investigating if this is a bug or not and will update if it can be fixed.

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Version 1.0.1. Published July 29, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Ricardo C 02 November 2018

Love it made it possible for my stun tower.

How to pause the speed for a pause menu. Also will u be updating it to gms2? i have to edit background compatibility for it to work in my current project.


Jordan H 03 June 2017


Maxim N 27 November 2016

very compact and usefull

Very compact code, well commented.

Small remark-question: do we really need obj_lighting as parent for other ligtning objects?
I mean for example in obj_lightning_mouse: all methods are overridden but there are no inhereted events. There was a little bit confusion for me.


chris R 19 April 2015

Easy to use!

Looks great! Was very easy to implement into my own game.


Thomas H 30 July 2014

Well done!

As you can expect from Nocturne Games this asset is again a high quality one.
The package is well organized, all elements follow the same naming conventions.
Objects have comments in their create action, all scripts are well documented.
As usual the included demo is great to even look at. Feature wise it contains different sample objects to show several possible usages of the lightning scripts. This helps a lot to give you some ideas how to use these scripts in your game.
The drawing script for the lightning paths even contains suggestions for enhancements (use sprites and so on).

Only criticism I have is the collision script: it only returns the first colliding object with the lightning path, not all of them. But this is just a minor issue.

Overall I can only highly recommend this package if you're looking for a well implemented, highly customisable and eye pleasing lightning effect!


Nocturne Games (Publisher) 30 July 2014

Thanks for the kind review! I'll see what I can do to the collision script and will update to make it better, hopefully giving you multiple collision results as well as the option for fast/precise path collisions.

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