"One Function to set them all, One Function to define them, One Function to manage them all and in the draw_event bind them"



...instead of...

draw_set_font(fn_arial); draw_set_color(c_red); draw_set_alpha(0.7); draw_set_halign(fa_center); draw_set_valign(fa_middle);

Draw_Set() is a combination of the functions draw_set_color(), draw_set_font(), draw_set_alpha(), draw_set_halign() and draw_set_valign() with builtin color-conversion, without restrictions regarding the order or number of arguments.

There are two new functions:

1.) draw_set() is used to SET the values of above mentioned functions, including an extended input for color values. It replaces the single-use-functions and allows for shorter and cleaner code.

2.) cc(), short for ConvertColor, is used to RETURN a color value, for further usage, e.g. image_blend = cc("#FF0000").

Use draw_set() to set the values for color, font, alpha, halign and valign, all at once or one at a time, without restrictions regarding the order or number of arguments.

Multi-argument example:

draw_set('fn_arial', 0.7, $673AB7, ha.l, va.m);

Sets font to fn_arial, alpha to 0.7, color to purple, halign to left and valign to middle. Use the order of arguments you prefer.

Single-argument example:


Sets alpha to 50%. The function knows what to do based on the input.

Use cc() to convert and return colors provided as RGB, HEX or CONSTANT. Example of usage:

color = cc(255,0,0); or color =  cc("255,0,0"); or color =  cc($FF0000); or color = cc("FF0000"); or color = cc(red);

Usage of the predefined c_color constants is NOT supported, use red instead of c_red. Fonts must be provided as a string value to the function. Tested for following export modules: Windows, HTML5. Does NOT work with the YYG-Compiler right now!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.2. Published July 10, 2016

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