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UPDATE 2.49 Ditched the text editing because it was clunky. Now the parts for the dungeon are created in GMS room editor. No docs yet though. There will be in 2.5 later.

UPDATE 2.0 is here Which is important because it isn't compatible with the previous version. But there's still a thing called legacy dungeon extractor for those of you who might be invested in the first version, so you can use that and it should be fine.

  • Two character schemes are now used to create dungeon cells. That's just more convenient, really.
  • There are special type cells now, such as the start, the finish, the locked cell, the key cell, and the locked exit cell, that are added explicitly to the generator object.
  • You can create passthrough dungeons as a part of some bigger and hand-crafted level.
  • There is a simplistic background system. Does not scale well, but it currently works for 12x12 and 16x16 type cells.
  • You now can "add air" to the dungeon to make it a bit more open and less worm-like. The effect is, however, limited.
  • The optimization is simplified and somewhat less effective, but this time it's less of a hassle and does not require much attention. See obj_dungeon_wall_optimized for it.
  • There is a legacy_dungeon_extractor in case you want to use the content made for the old version.

Description This is a text based dungeon generator, that will create a randomized dungeon from square cells stored as text. It is designed to be easy to use: just copy and edit some text blocks, and you will get a different dungeon. Copy and edit a couple of lines, and that's enough to use more objects in this dungeon. Don't touch stuff that's not inside of the quotes and you probably won't break anything even if you're new to GML.

What's in the box:

  • A generator script, called put_dungeon. There's plenty of comments to help you figure out what it does if you're interested.
  • 4 cell set scripts, one as a detailed readme, two used in the demo dungeons, and one clean template.
  • 2 sets of objects and sprites that are used in the demo dungeons. All sprites are 32 pixels wide.
  • 2 dungeon generator objects that showcase the usage of the scripts.
  • 4 rooms that showcase the two demo dungeons up close and zoomed out.
  • Misc. stuff: a player object, player sprites, a walking script, restart/exit room, etc...

The demo:

  • There's a windows demo available for this generator, you can get it here: link

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 2.4.9. Published October 16, 2018

Ditched the text editing. Now the dungeon is composed from a room designed in game maker. No docs yet though.

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