Have you ever wondered how certain games are created? In this installment of "How Did They Do That: Pokemon" we analyze exactly what goes in to making a game like Pokemon. In this project / tutorial we go over exactly what the mechanics are that makes this game so popular and we do it in laimens terms so that it is easy to understand.

In this project we explore:

  • Grid based movement
  • RPG elements
  • Battle mechanics
  • Store - buying / selling mechanics
  • States and sub states
  • Stats and attributes

and much much more!

  • Note that these projects / source engines are NOT completed games. They are simply demos that seek to break down the core mechanics of a beloved and popular video game. While many of these games are no doubt programmed outside of the Game Maker IDE, their core components attempt to replicate consistency and accuracy to the authenticity of the original invention.

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Version 1.0.0. Published May 29, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 17 October 2016

Nice job!

Really enjoyed this Pokemon project. Learned a lot on various game mechanics that was very helpful while being a beginner to GML. The pixel art great too!!


GIDEON P 21 July 2016

love the idea behind these

tho i love the idea behind it there is a bug in the attack if you use tackle when you go to next attack it auto selects items rather than being back at attack (if you understand what i mean) also im getting a few black screens like inside the store was this intentional?


Bojack29 (Publisher) 21 July 2016

The bugs you described were not intentional and I was unable to reproduce them myself.

The store glitch is the first Ive heard so I find that a bit unusual. The black screen should fade to and fade out when you enter a store and that should simply be it. Ill take a look at the source code and see if I can find anything. There will be an update if I can find a fix.


Ivan B 28 June 2016

no inventory?

sooo no inventory in this demo?


Bojack29 (Publisher) 30 June 2016

This asset does not cover inventories, as it is clearly not mentioned. While an array does exist within the source code to carry items, this asset currently provides no such way to access said items. This can / will be addressed in a later HDTDT. Stay tuned;)

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