"Simple Triggers" is an easy-to-use system for your GameMaker: Studio games, allowing you to make in-game events in minutes! The package consists of two sets of features: Triggers and broadcasts. Multiple kinds of triggers exists:

  • Directional: These will trigger when the target object (fx. the player) are on the chosen side of the trigger (imagine the trigger being a line: if the target is on the decided side of the line, the trigger runs).
  • Multi-directional: These will trigger whenever the target object crosses the trigger's axis! (again, think of the trigger as a line: whenever the target crosses, the trigger runs)
  • Touch rectangles: These will trigger whenever the target touches the trigger (the masks will always be rectangles, but the rectangles may be rotated).
  • Enter/leave rectangles: These will trigger whenever the target enters or leaves the trigger (again, the trigger may be rotated but will always be a rectangle).

All these triggers can be further customized with flag-variables, allowing them to fx. run only once or continuously, or only run when the target is within a given radius.

The broadcasts are a little different. They use one instance to keep track of the broadcasts, and then you simple use the two scripts 'broadcast' and 'listen' to send out and receive messages on chosen frequencies. This can be used to make switches and levers, and make them open and close doors across big distances.

The system is created in GameMaker: Studio version 1.4.1757, and is made to be used in my own project: Omni. The system is free to use in your own games, though I do appreciate a mention in the game's credits.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.1.5. Published May 16, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 12+

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Anonymous 17 July 2018

Great for my uses!


Rehan W 12 September 2016

Request: Collisions with paths + Enter/Leave

Hi. Sorry posting here (ReCapcha is broken in Contact link).

I have a request: Would it be possible to incorporate this with PATHS as well? ie detect path collisions with various paths, and SPECIALLY Enter/Leave with paths.

This will help us to create low memory VECTOR collision ZONES - specially for large rooms where we have to place a 400 collision "blocks" just to zone off an area.

Additionally, by using paths we could also have NESTED zones, eg [AA(bbbb)AAA(cccc)AA]
where zones (bbbb) and (cccc) reside WITHIN zone [AAAA]. All we need is the player collision to flag: player_is_in_zone_X = true/false, and so on.

One of my old topics here might shed better light. The solutions found were very heavy to implement properly



Bless Hay Gaming's Market (Publisher) 22 September 2016

I would if I could, but so far I have not been successful in finding a not-too-slow way of doing custom shape collisions.. Then it would be based on triangles (as rotated rectangles are currently in the code) and that's just slow :/
If you know of any fast code for checking polygon against polygon (or just against rectangle), then feel free to point me in the direction, and I will give it a try :)


Kurt L 23 June 2016

Good! Request for another asset

Great working trigger asset. Can you please make some sort of asset where if a certain event occurs, you unlock a character or upgrade? Thanks!

Thanks, your advice helped.


Bless Hay Gaming's Market (Publisher) 20 June 2016

Well I aim to make assets for broader topics - unlocking something in a game is solved by simply toggling a variable, or changing a key in a ds_map :)

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