Mmap is a powerful, flexible, easy to use mini-map object.

  • Full documentation
  • Live HTML5 Demo
  • Beautifully coded! Source code thoroughly documented, very easy to understand, modifiable.
  • Great performance.
    • 2000-4000 mappable instances in HTML5
    • 10000+ mappable instances in Windows (YYC).
  • oMmap object
  • oMappable parent object
  • Types of mmap:
    1. Basic
    2. Radar
    3. Sonar
  • Identify Friend-or-Foe (IFF) color code system
  • Fully customizable!
    • colors
    • alpha transparency
    • screen size
    • detection range
    • zoomable
    • refresh rate
    • blip tracking
    • draw border of view and room on mmap screen
    • draw radar or sonar sweep in the room
    • vector arrows for moving blips show speed and direction.
    • draw edge blips for distant objects out of range
    • support for sounds
  • Tested on Windows, Windows (YYC), and HTML5 builds. Let me know if it doesn't work on any other platform!

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Changes in 1.2.3


  • antenna.blip_alpha is now always the refresh value
  • Re-ordered drawing of mmap screen so that borders are behind blips, so blips will draw over borders.
  • Destruction of antenna instance no longer crashes game

Version 1.2.3. Published September 2, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1398

Age Rating: 4+

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Vasco R 10 April 2018


Andreas M 11 February 2016

A great buy!

Very good. Easy to use. Minimap with extra everything.
Like the edge blips function. Perfect to use on mission points. Looking forward to MMAP_TYPE_STATIC.

Instead of circle map type add a square map type.
Add in oMappable a blip_sound so when in range it should make a sound for that specific object.
Ability to manually set a custom hspeed variable to use with antenna_vector_is_enabled (Many games don't use hspeed)
Constant missing: MMAP_BORDER_ALPHA_DEFAULT (Easy to add)


csanyk (Publisher) 13 February 2016

Thanks for the feedback!

These are good suggestions. I will consider adding them to my roadmap.

- The MMAP_BORDER_ALPHA_DEFAULT and square map are definitely do-able.
- Blip_sound is interesting. Making a noise only for blips within range is a good feature suggestion. I'll probably do this. I may make it louder for closer objects.
- I'm not clear what you mean about the hspeed variable, but I'll look into the code and see if I can figure it out. Feel free to contact me through my contact info if you want to follow up (YYG masks customer emails so I can't reach out to you, but my contact info is in the asset documentation.)


Francisco A 10 November 2015

Documentation done right!

The code is neat, well organized, and does exactly what it says it does in the asset description. It can be added into an existing project in a matter of minutes.

What really makes this asset shine is the excellent documentation csanyk has provided. The code is clearly commented and a pdf is provided which goes into detail explaining the code and various ways it can be manipulated.

If your new to gamemaker you can learn things by going through the code, and if your guru this can save you time and act as a base for your own mini map design.


Jonathan C 16 December 2014


A brilliant asset. It takes a little digging into the code to see what to modify, but it is all superbly commented, so you can work it out within 20 minutes. Could use an example room.

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