This usefull tool could save you a lot of time, e.g.: You probably know this situation.. You're adding an object to the room but can't find the correct location, so you keep changing the code and you keep recompiling it.

Now you can simply press F5 (to open the developer console) > type setCoords(object,x,y)

The other commands are listed in the readme.gml (as of version 1.0.1)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 2.0.0

  • We've added:
    • if statements
    • variables
    • constants
    • more user friendly to use functions (you can now add as many spaces as you like between the parameters)

*if statements:

  • if(this_update_rocks){You are right!}
  • You use these if statements as you would expect, if(logic_test){action0&action1&...}


  • to initialise a new variable you type "var VAR_NAME= VALUE"
  • You can not yet change the value after initialising it, but hey! there will be a patch for that soon!
  • To make use of the variables in the console you'll have to put spaces around them
  • E.g.: "hello (SPACE)user(SPACE)" where user = John it would return "hello John"


  • To put things simple: they work like variables, but are defined in the game code
  • for more info check console>commands>constants>constants_init line 5-6

Version 2.0.0. Published April 3, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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