61 Sold! Thank you! :) RTS Base Building Engine.

Version 2.5.1 Released! 10/8/16

Trainable Units have been added. MCV with building radius has been added. Other minor changes, bug fixes.

There are still bugs to work out so.... ....Work continues!

Version 2.0 Release: 10/1/16:

This release shows a sneek peak whats to come in the December Release. Coding has been redone for a more simple design, and easier to follow/edit.

Unit creation is near completion.

The bootcamp structure now has a placeable flag waypoint. This way point will set the point the unit will move too once being trained from the menu and created at the selected boot camp. A tech level has been added. Currently UP & Down keys change the level, but these will eventually change when the correct structure is built to obtain that level. Each building is now selectable.

Still more work to do: Continue the "tech levels system". Add a main structure like an MCV that starts you tech level 1. Finish up healthbars a structure damage. Finish up the unit creation. Add unit movement/attack. Add enemy structures

Left click places a building if the area is clear. Right click can be used to cancel a buildings placement or move the waypoint flags. Up/Down Arrow keys change tech level. (for testing purposes)

--------Version 1.0 Release:-------- R = Restart Uses mouse left clicks for selecting, Right clicks for placing structures.

Construct a base with drag and drop from a menu. Placement Allow/Disallow based on distance set by creator. Select Buildings to target menu associated with said building. Cancel Build by right clicking on a disallowed distance or solid object or menu object.

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Version 2.5.1. Published October 8, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Frank R 19 January 2017

4 stars so far - it just needs a few more things

I'll give u your first review for this RTS base building engine, i guess after 12 sold already ;)
I did play the game (10mins+) for a while and test a few things.
It took me a while before i got the tech center but it didn't add any new structure available or units.
It has a nice animation for the power plant.

screen moves when going with cursor in the corner.
Placing building works good.
Good interface and the minimap looks good.

I think this base building engine for RTS could be really nice if there are several things more added towards it to make it a good decent base and to be able to sell it for more then $0.99
The barracks didn't have a unit for a example to train, to see how the training works that is in progress of the unit and if there is a que possible,no structures for armor/defense,no repair or sell way of structure
I hope this RTS base building engine will get more updates in the future, because it has been a while i see since april with version 1.01

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