UPDATED: Now Game Maker Studio 2 Compatible!

Over 1000 users!! Visual Game Curves will help you balance your games quicker than ever!

Allows you to use "Paths" as value curves within your game, Comes with a little mini top down shooter demo that makes use of player level, experience and an 'exp curve'

Helps make balancing your game simpler without the need to go into your code and edit values constantly you can just edit the value curves for certain in game behaviours until the game behaves as desired.

Useful for: RPG Experience To Next Level Enemy Wave Spawn Timing Character Stat Values Enemy Stat Values Countless More

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Version 1.0.0. Published March 21, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1683

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 March 2018


Meriç G 27 December 2017


Anonymous 01 June 2016

This was quickly made...

And I mean that In a good way, something that should probably already in GameMaker by default. I was actually the one who requested Ryan(rm2kdev) to make this because of RPG Makers similar feature and this can be used for more than just level scaling so good job


Anonymous 23 March 2016

Works great

Easy setup. Tweak the path curve to adjust how fast or slow you need your player to level up. Clever way to speed up game balancing. Nice job.

Love seeing innovative dev tools like this one on GM Marketplace.

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