Add a retro feel to your projects with this CRT Monitor-effect pixel shader. Gradually apply the shader to smoothly transition from your 'normal' screen into a CRT simulation.

Complete with a monitor bevel based on real 80's hardware, this asset includes a documented demo application showing off the following features:

  • Glass texture
  • Screen curve, shine, and shadows
  • Scanlines (Optional)
  • Green screen (Optional)
  • Screen 'shut down' effect (Optional)
  • an 'old school' text-typewriter object.

This shader uses your GPU to apply all these effects, so has negligible impact on your CPU and requires no additional sprites.

Drive using a simple API, and/or tweak the commented shader code for more low-level control.

If you use this asset in your code, we'll happily tweet (@GimpySoftware) screenshots of your project!

This asset includes example code which you can use as reference, or as the start of your own project.

For more 'retro' effects check out our other asset! HERE

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.2. Published March 16, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.505

Age Rating: 4+

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Alexander R 20 September 2018


Crios D 24 September 2017

Awesome but doesn't have good documentation


Hago esto en español porque alguno necesita: el shader utilizado es genial y lo que muestra se cumple, el problema es que no está bien documentado para darte cuenta que cosas hay que modificar para facilitar las cosas.

Tampoco tiene buena división para saber como bajar el efecto de brillo o si queres que la pantalla se doble pero no se muestre ese monitor beige (porque TODO lo hace en shader, no usa sprites)

Lo principal que aun no logro como hacer es lo del monitor beige alrededor no esté y reducir el efecto de sombra y brillo superior.


Oscar R 13 June 2017

Almost great

The shader is amazing in desktop, however it is not working on iOS for me, so that is a big problem, if it has any solution, I'll give you the 5 starts this deserves!


ANTONIO R 30 May 2017

Problem to android 1920x1080 resolution

I got the full-screen climb. And it also works on android up to a resolution of 1280x720. But in android to more resolution gives problems. For example at 1920x1080, this cuts the right side and the bottom.

Please help me. My email:


Devon M 19 May 2017

A nice effect, but limited customization

I wanted to like your shader more than I do simply because it's well done. However, unless I like the default settings, customization is a pain. I was able to figure out to reduce the screen glare, the default is very bright, but the screen bulge is quite deep but I couldn't find a way to change this. Really what it comes down to is unless I like the default effect, customizing the shader is a pain at best. It's a good 'fire and forget' solution, but I would've preferred more built-in controls to reduce the amount of editing I'd have to do to tailor it to my specific needs. On a positive note, it runs fine in GM2.


David Y 08 February 2017

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jeff Z 01 April 2016

It's alive

Works, doesn't have issues observed in some other CRT shaders. lots of fancy extra features. Well documented and easy to use.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Gimpy Software (Publisher) 16 May 2016

Thanks very much for the feedback, Jeff!


Fredrik H 25 September 2017

Looking great!

But, I can't figure out how to get it to work in full screen.

EDIT: Great feedback from the developer. Changing the size of the room is not an option in my game, but will look into the scaling part.

EDIT2: Full screen works great now. Five stars. :)


Gimpy Software (Publisher) 18 December 2015

Hi Fredrik,

Firstly, thanks very much for your review and feedback!

The demonstration room in the asset can be made to run full screen by pressing Alt-Enter, but the room size remains unchanged. This was a deliberate decision as I wanted the sample code to be as simple as possible, focusing on the shader and how to configure it as opposed to how to make GameMaker projects run full screen.

I would suggest either changing the dimensions of the room to match your screen size, or scale the room to fit your screen during the 'draw' event.

Saying that, I have added a task to extend the sample code to demonstrate this and it will be in the next update of the asset.

Hope that helps,

EDIT: Hi Fredrik. Asset now updated to v1.0.1 which scales to run full screen, as promised. Enjoy!

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