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Manuel Etchegaray

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A very simple and lightweight extension that allows you to access Android's native software keyboard; show it, hide it, retrieve input text, set text, and handle the clipboard.

An example showing how to use the functions is included, along with the extension, ready to be included in any project.

IMPORTANT: Use Min SDK version 11 or above to fix LINT errors within GMS! (Global Game Settings > Android Tab > Min SDK = 11)


  • keyboard_show(type) *
  • keyboard_hide()
  • keyboard_get_text()
  • keyboard_set_text(string)
  • clipboard_get() **
  • clipboard_set(string) **

* allows to set the type of the keyboard; KEYBOARD_TEXT, KEYBOARD_EMAIL and KEYBOARD_NUMBER

** GMS already has clipboard functions, but they are only for Windows, so this adds them for Android as well.

This extension is in continuous developement, so any bugs, suggestions, wishes or ideas are welcome and reviewed asap!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Required Modules

Android Export

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.5. Published March 4, 2016

Fixed errors that prevented from compiling the extension Use Min SDK version 11 to fix LINT errors within GMS! (Global Game Settings > Android Tab > Min SDK = 11)

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