All you need to get colors for your game!

All values are based off the the cursors X and Y position to avoid draw_getpixel. All returned values are stored in an array list named whatever the last part of the script name was. If the script is named "scr_rgb_to_hsv()" then the hsv values will be returned and stored in a hsv[] array. Same goes for color paring.

Inside you will find:

  • Color Conversion scripts

  • Color Paring Scripts

  • Color Pickers

Color Conversion Scripts:


  • HSV to to RGB/CMY/HEX

  • Gamemaker Color Constants to RGB Values


scr_rgb_to_hsv(Red, Green, Blue);

Color Paring Scripts:

  • Split Compliment Colors (Analogous colors to direct compliment color)

  • Analogous Colors (Similar Colors)

  • Triadic Colors (Evenly Spaced on the color wheel at 120 degrees)

  • Complimentary Colors (Opposite of the color)

  • Monochromatic Colors (Saturation of the color)

  • Pentagram Colors (Evenly spaced on the color wheel at 72 degrees )

  • Tetradic Colors (2 Compliment pairs)

  • Square Colors (Evenly spaced on the color wheel at 90 degrees)


scr_get_compliment_color(Red, Green, Blue);

Color Pickers:

  • RGB Sliders

  • HSV Sliders

  • Square Value and Saturation color picker with interchangeable hue slider or hue ring

  • Square Hue and Saturation color picker with Value Slider

  • Square RGB color picker with RGB Slider

All reviews are greatly appreciated so if you take a look at this asset let me know what you think!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the asset then feel free to contact me at any time and ill reply as soon as possible.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 2.0.0. Published January 12, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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David A 16 July 2019


Jamie F 24 June 2019

Works good

I am using it in GMS2 and a lot of the scripts had a syntax error on the return line. returning an array does not need the [] brackets. I removed them on every script return and it works fine now.


Anonymous 21 June 2019


Maciej K 17 June 2018


Anonymous 12 May 2018


Forevka F 13 November 2017




Anonymous 29 December 2016

Very useful (at least in part)

I am only using the colour conversion functions, and they work perfectly. I can't say about the rest of the extension because I don't use it, but appreciation is given where appreciation is due!


Herminio S 19 November 2015

Pretty decent...

Pretty good and will probably be useful in games that allow color customization, etc. But the sliders, etc have this problem where if you drag your mouse outside of the slider or box and then release the left mouse button, they think you still have the left mouse button held and will continue following the mouse. To fix this you have to left click while your mouse cursor hovers inside the slider, box, etc, and THEN release the mouse button while still hovering over them. Basically, this is counter-intuitive and could lead to issues but I'm sure it's an easy fix if someone really wanted to use these. Also these don't seem to be scaleable or customizeable in any way so far, maybe they are but I'm just not seeing it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Mfzz99 (Publisher) 12 January 2016

The issue with the slider still moving after the cursor has been let go has been fixed in the newest version, as for the scale-ability and customization, that will come in future updates!

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