WARNING: This package is ONLY for GMS1. If you use GMS2, check Tweenline 2:


Tweenline is an advanced and powerful Tween based animation system that allow to create the most amazing animations using only a few lines of code.


  • FASTER: 3 Times FASTER than the fastest engine available on the Marketplace and with more functions!
  • SEQUENCING: Advanced tween sequencing to create amazing intros or cutscenes with only a few lines of code
  • EASY: tween_to, tween_from and tween_fromto. Short intuitive syntax and easy to learn
  • TOTAL CONTROL: Pause, reverse, seek and timescale any sequence or tween. Seconds or frames tweens.
  • MEMORY MANAGEMENT: Fire and Forget system, Smart Garbage Collector.
  • EVENT SYSTEM: 3 differents event systems: scripts, event user or lazy events. start, complete, repeat, update and more events!
  • TWEEN ANYTHING: 22 built in setters, or use your owns!
  • EASINGS: 35 built in Easing equations
  • LABELS: Advanced label system to reference time positions relative to labels
  • FULL DOCUMENTED: A complete online & offline docs full of interactive examples!
  • FLEXIBLE: Designed to be easy to add animations to your existing project without modify your code!
  • PARSER: Tweenline engine recognizes automatically your custom setters for you, and let you use 2 different variable types (normal variables and custom_vars)
  • DEBUG: A lot of debug functions to easily debug your tweens in a visual way.
  • A LOT MORE: Check the docs!

[ YOUTUBE TRAILER ] Length 1:38

[ DEMO ]



"From all the tween engines out there, this one shines through with its ability to define compounded tween sequences which is very useful for intro screens and special effects. You can also define your own easing functions which is very useful" (@icuurd12b42, The Mojo Collective)


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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.2.0. Published November 5, 2016

== Version 1.2.0 ==

  • Garbage Collector UPDATE. The GC were made again from scratch. Now it is faster, more efficient and more versatile.
  • persistent rooms are now supported. Thanks Miguel Sternberg (@spookysquid) for report the bug.
  • "persistent" VAR has been deprecated. Also, tween_get_persistent, and tween_set_persistent are deprecated now. The system will autodetect persistent tweens for you and remove it automatically
  • Two more examples: "persistent instances" and "persistent ROOMS"
  • Corrected offline docs. Improved order inside extension
  • Corrected a bug with "Staggers" example

(Info: new advanced functions were added, the online documentation may be outdated, please check the offline docs for advanced funcions)

== Version 1.1.4 ==

  • Added new example to demo project: two ways to tween a background.
  • Fixed "Undefined variable" in cv_clear_object
  • Fixed bug with tween smart colour recognition system when passing the setter script reference
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