An easy to use set of scripts, which allow for easy implementation of on-screen joysticks, with the possibility (but without the necessity) to use custom sprites for graphics.

All scripts are explained at the beginning of the script. There are 3 scripts which should always be called for the joysticks to work properly:

  • vstick_init(stick_id,x,y,r,square_calculation,backsprite,frontsprite): adds a joystick. Only has to be called once.
  • vstick_step(stick_id): handles the logic.
  • vstick_draw(stick_id): draws the joystick.

The scripts have been tested on android, windows, and HTML5.

If you have any suggestions on what to add, change, or fix, feel free to contact me! PS: if you (dis)like this asset, feel free to leave a review.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.0

  • Added vstick_check(id), vstick_check_pressed(id) and vstick_check_released(id)
  • Edited vstick_step(id) to calculate vstick_check_pressed(id) and vstick_check_released(id)

Version 1.1.0. Published July 19, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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David A 16 July 2019


Anonymous 16 June 2019

did not come with examples

did not come with examples


Anonymous 02 May 2019


Anonymous 18 April 2019

es genial

mou buena grasias you good


Anonymous 18 November 2018


Anonymous 24 October 2018


Works extreamly well, took a bit of fiddling to work out how to get this to work with my game... and after a bit of customisation is now intergrated well into my android game - very happy! just lacks a tutorial for anyone who could be struggling getting the code to work.


Juliano R 27 July 2018


It works really well, though it lacks a tutorial to ease users into the code and, in my opinion, a deadzone parameter. Otherwise, it's just great.


Anonymous 12 July 2018


Michael v 04 May 2018


Works great and scripts are well documented.


orbis s 29 March 2018


Timothy H 12 December 2017


Anonymous 30 November 2017


Anonymous 22 November 2018


no tasting!


Anonymous 02 November 2017

No hay tutorial

es basura


Royal D 29 July 2017

Works perfect

Well commented

Demo Room needed for beginners


Hoon K 21 May 2018

I love this

So simple and it works like magic!


Marcos A 06 February 2017

Very nice...

Great assets.. I only should sugest an tutorial more easy... with scripts ready to use.. but it´s very commented. But a very little knowledge of programing is needed!


Anonymous 24 June 2018


It's good overall.
User can customise the sprites, comments in the scripts are straightforward.
However, somehow it has got some problem related to GUI.
The circle at the center of the vstick does not follow perfectly the mouse.
When I use it in android phone, it get worse.
I really want publisher to figure out this problem.
Then it will be perfect literaly.
Thank you for good extension!


Anonymous 23 November 2016

Just what I want !

But i dont understand how to install it in my windowsproject ?
Please help me.


Curtis S 31 October 2016


As others have said, this is easy to understand, implement, and adjust. Not only that, it's free! Perfect for any project requiring a virtual joystick.


Andreas P 08 July 2016

Amazing and easy!

Very customizable and loads of usefull, easy to understand functions!


loganout l 14 June 2016

move ?

How do I do for the player to move in the direction and angle of the analog?
The image shows a player and two analog.
but actually you only have scripts =)

I have a fire button, it does not work when the analog is being used


Pedro G 31 January 2016


only 4 directions 8direction best


Luiz R 19 January 2017

Very good

I need a help.
how can I make an action with right joystick like a shoot?
My player have a gun and the right joystick need turn player and shoot.
Except this, it's a great script.


Ricardo R 29 December 2015

Awesome! Worked flawlessly.

Very easy to use and to customize, cost effective and functional. Many thanks. Tested on Windows and Android. A MUST HAVE on any project.


Andreas M 21 May 2018

Dont work on windows... ah got it

object create:
object step:
obj draw:

Click it with the mouse and drag it but nothing happen. No movement on the front sprite.

Edit: Ahh it should be draw_gui

You should add a demo room :-)


Anonymous 22 November 2018


but how will i draw sprite instead that big and small circles? pls help anyone


Damar S 21 February 2016


This is not bullshit.. Thanks...


Waldemar R 19 January 2017

Great Piece of Software - comments included

Thank you for providing the Virtual Joysticks library.

The code has very clear comments.

A working example with joystick objects placed in a room would make this library perfect also for beginners.

Thank You. Great piece of software!

All the best.


David R 22 February 2015

Does everything I wanted it to!

Joystick is easy to customize and can be implemented within minutes (seconds even)
Publisher is always there for support and responds quickly if any problems arise.


Brandon S 19 August 2014

Exactly what it says

Works perfectly and easy as pie to setup!


Alex M 19 August 2014


I had a small issue when working with views, sent an email to the publisher & he helped find my oversight :)

Works perfectly, highly recommended!


John G 18 August 2014

Ok (ish)

it could work and if fixed would be really useful, however, currently the "vstick_init" file/script seems corrupted. (at least on my Windows XP laptop with GM Pro)


Mark H 18 August 2014

Works well


ivan c 23 July 2014

awesome script. easy to use and 100% powerful

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