TMC SGS Fast Collision System

Spatial Grid Segregation System that allows fast collision detection which improves on Studio's Collision System

GMS:2 Compatibility fixed and tested


You can literally have thousands of bullets or thousands of instances colliding with themselves at a cost of about 1% of Studio's Native Collision System

Functions that mirror most useful Studio Collision Functions Included

Functions to emulate Studio's Collision Event Included so little changes is needed in your code

Be sure to click the Support Link for help on adding the collision system to your game


  1. SGS Enabled instance_nearest()
  2. SGS Enabled place_meeting()
  3. SGS Enabled instance_place()
  4. SGS Enabled collision_point()
  5. SGS Enabled collision_line()
  6. Multiple SGS field support()
  7. Allows segregating static from moving instances
  8. Allows segregating by object type or by parent
  9. Field cell size tweaking
  10. Field Update speed tweaking
  11. Collision event emulator for fast implementation

Example Included with API

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.8

Fixed the missing txt instance variable in the debug object for GMS:2 YYC compatibility

Version 1.0.8. Published February 13, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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John C 16 November 2017

Pretty Unorganized...

Tons of commented-out code, unneeded commenting explanations, and bad variable names. Not easy to follow at all. My plan when buying this was to understand how it works and implement it myself but it's been quite a task so far. For $10 I would expect any extension to be organized and with decent documentation.

Other than that, the scripts seem to be useful from the demo you provide.


davide m 04 May 2015

Black Magic!

That's what i thought when i first ran the demo room, while my jaw was laying on the ground. Now that i've been playing with the asset for a while i think it's White Magic, since i managed (with the help of the publisher) to use it in my game to control the rain drops. Well, now my game is not lagging anymore with heavy rain!
Plus, the publisher is very kind and helpful.
6 stars out of 5!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jeremy E 15 November 2014

Works fine but...

Some of your folders inside the extension have really long names. So you can run up against the Windows folder name / file name limit pretty easily. It happened to me. When loading the extension from the library I received nothing but file not found errors.

Had to copy my project to the root of the drive, import the extension and then copy it back.

Edit: Windows has a hard limit for directory / file name length. Because your extension has a very long name it's very easy to hit the directory / file name limit. This prevents your extension from installing correctly. I had to move my project to almost the root of my drive or the extension wouldn't even copy all the needed files when installing. Maybe that is a little clearer? An easy fix is to make the name of your extension and the files inside smaller. TMC_SGS_Fast_Collision_System is far too long.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


The Mojo Collective (Publisher) 26 September 2014

Not sure what you mean; but I told yoyo to take a look at the problem


Alexander W 12 September 2014

Helps unleash GMS's potential!

People dog on GameMaker becuase it just doesnt have the raw grunt of a pure c++ dev enviroment. This extenstion unbottles GMS's collision and instance proximity abiltie's in such a way as you simply don't have an excuse anymore! Once you understant the system and how to leverage it, you'l find new ways to use it that even the publishers yet to see.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Herminio S 14 July 2014

A good extension that needs better commenting.

Gave it a weekend of implementing, and was disappointed the performance wasn't much different. I'm guessing its because I implemented it into a complex 2D platforming engine, rather than just using it for basic collision checks.

In my platforming code wherever I used: instance_place, place_meeting, collision_line or collision point, I replaced them with SGS versions of them, making sure that my platforming still worked as intended. The game functioned correct but the performance practically stayed the same...

I'm not factoring that^ into my score since it could have been my implementing.

But this is a universal critique: The API could use better commenting. The only reason I implemented this is because I copied the example file, but maybe the reason I had no luck with it is because I didn't actually KNOW how anything really worked, or the relations between the scripts. I studied it to the best of my ability and kind of assumed how things worked...A PDF would have helped.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


The Mojo Collective (Publisher) 16 August 2014

I updated the product and added how-to in the scripts and on the forum

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