inputTextEx extension by Mattia Fortunati

this extension will open a popup for requesting the user to input some text and then call a social async event into Game Maker passing the input text can be used for getting usernames, promo codes, numbers etc etc

Usage: simply call

showInputText(String strTit,String strYes,String strNo) 

from game maker for opening the popup.


showInputText("Title Text", "OK", "Cancel")

and, in a social async event put some code like this:

var type = string(async_load[? "type"])
var data = string(async_load[? "data"])

//check for INPUTTEXT type of event
if type == "INPUTTEXT"
   //Here you should receive the string containing the text written by the user
   //which is stored inside the variable called "data"
   var StringWrittenByUser = data
   //now use it as you please

"type" passed will be "INPUTTEXT" "data" passed will be the text input by the user

NOTE: the keyboard won't never go fullscreen, and the function both works for PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE orientations

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Required Modules

Android Export

Version 1.0.0. Published October 7, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 February 2019

Good extension

it works nicely. Thank you.


Austin S 08 August 2018


Anonymous 07 July 2018

that good

thank you so much !!


Seong-beom K 02 May 2018

Minimum device requirement sdk.

Can I ask you minimum sdk version for using your extension?
Target device is android sdk 10 (2.3 Gingerbread), so, is it possible to use your extension in Android 2.3 device?


Katone V 06 April 2018


issam s 06 December 2017

Very helpfull

Thank you for the extension but I have a little problem here, My application crashed sometimes when I call the input box! ٍSometimes it show me (undefined) instead the chosen letter .


Pratama W 07 November 2017

good but something is missing

How do you detect when the cancel button is pressed? I usually deactivate all buttons on the screen when the player is inputting something, so I need to know when the player cancels the input so I can reactivate the buttons.


Marshall B 07 June 2017

Worked as intended

great little extension, did exactly as needed. shame there's not a native function for it.
only improvement I could suggest is a way to detect if the user presses "cancel"


Samir L 02 May 2017

Great extension

Works very well.

Is it possible to add a default text like the game maker native function ?


Anonymous 01 May 2017

Black screen

Easy to use and very helpfull!

One question, how can I avoid the black screen after pressing OK or Cancel button?


Yunwol y 10 January 2018

What version of Android do you support?

My android version is 6.0.1.
showInputText() does not work.


Cameron H 02 November 2016

Needs better instructions on how to use.

I really wanted to like this product. However, it's a very strange download. The extension that comes with it doesn't come with anything but a showInputText() function. No object, sprites, rooms for demo, etc. Furthermore, It doesn't come with any guidance with how to use the function at all!

After searching for information on how to use the extension the only other help I could find was on the product page in the details tab where the creator says to put a block of code in a social async event. I tried just that but got an error. I fail to see how this can be a clear module to use for any beginner or intermediate user.
As soon as I am able to get this module working I will be able to give the product an accurate review of its quality.


Mattia Fortunati (Publisher) 09 December 2015

Hi Cameron H,
thanks for the interest in my extension.

This extension is not meant for beginner users, but meant for advanced users which know how to use the Game Maker Language, so it has nothing visual like objects, sprites or rooms.
It comes with just a function call, and a code example to explain which parameters to pass to the call, and which values are passed back to the social async callback, because it's all the information you need to use the extension.

The extension does not come with an explanation of where and how to use the GML code, and what are and how to use async events because it's standard, regular, Game Maker async events usage.

If you want to know more about Game Maker's async events, and how to use them, please refer to the Game Maker documentation itself:

Best regards,


omid g 12 October 2015

Great extention ....

well done.

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