IMPORTANT : Do not forget to use the font included in the project. Don't worry, you can use any font you want, this one is just to make sure the letters you want to use are indexed.

Having problems with writing Arabic texts in your game? We suggest this first of its type, solution. Featuring :

  1. An easy way to use, just call the function adjust_arabic_text() with string you want to display.
  2. Fully commented code.
  3. Can be modified for similar languages like Persian and Urdu.
  4. Possibility to merge words with Arabic letters and others with Latin letters without getting a spaghetti.

We appreciate any comments or problems reporting.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published October 2, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Mohamed M 26 June 2018


thank you very much for the code, it is really smart how you manually adjusted all those Unicode for letter locations. a job well done indeed

جزاك الله خيرا ^_^

how to use it:
instead of writing
text = "تجربة" ;
do instead
text = adjust_arabic_text("تجربة");
note that you only need to call this once, so do NOT put it in your draw or step event unless the text actually changes every step


Anonymous 22 June 2018

its Great! Thanks

its Great! Thanks

its a great result when comes to visual outcome, but performance drop down much, have only 4 instances with Arabic text drawing codes and fps_real is just 8 !!


Anonymous 28 March 2018

Unfortunately the Arabic writing is incorrect

Unfortunately the Arabic writing is incorrect and the letters are separate
What is the problem?


Anonymous 04 February 2018


Anonymous 06 January 2018


Tank you


Abdulrahman A 24 December 2017

Excellent work


Ali A 29 August 2017

Excellent Job!

Thanks for sharing this amazing script! I almost lost hope trying differnt things! Please do update for GMS2.


Anonymous 16 March 2017


how to use with this extension?


Mhammad h 24 November 2017


I can not write Persian.
Because it does not support some of the letters.
  such as: چ گ ک پ ژ ث
1579 _ 1662 _ 1670 _ 1688 _ 1705 _ 1711 _ 1740
please consider it.


Anonymous 22 June 2018

Excellent but....

Exactly what i needed thanks alot Diaax but there is one problem but a very big one, the game lags alot whenever an Arabic text appear don't know why even if the game is very small it will lag, if you can fix it i'll change my rating i hope you do.


Anonymous 25 September 2016



Abdalla R 29 April 2016

You are a great guy

My respect!


Ali N 18 January 2016


thanks dear :))) that was awesome, but donno how to add Persian chars :(


walid d 14 December 2015

very usefull

thanks for your efforts Diaa, works perfectly.. we really needed this extension!


omid g 05 October 2015

Great extention ....

I was looking for this for many times and i try to create my own extension, but what you done here is great .
Thank you.


Ali A 07 January 2016

its awesome asset

thanky you diaax its very important asset

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