Dialog Editor 2.0
Dialog system with visual editor for GMS. In the visual editor, you create a dialogue, and exporting in .de2 file. Having a set of scripts in GMS, you can work with these files. There are 2 examples showing the work of these scripts, both examples are commented.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 3.0.0. Published November 13, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Aaron V 27 September 2018

Does what it says it will very well. However,

However, it lacks the ability to do checks (ex: if player has X then allow B thing to happen) and lacks a script parser, which means that a lot of custom code is required to get this to a fully workable state. Which is a shame, because the editor itself is amazing. I haven't tried other editors, but just looking around I see ones that include support for checks IN EDITOR, which is awesome. If you get this, just know, The editor is awesome, but getting full RPG dialog functionality does take some work. Overall i would recommend, but only for how nice the editor is to use.


Andrew G 11 April 2017


Zac C 19 January 2017

Good starting place

What this is:
-A very nice visual dialog editor. It's text handling is a bit sluggish, so you have to type slow or it misses characters, but overall the editor alone is worth the price
-A good framework to start building a customized dialog object around
-Clear & well commented code

What this isn't:
-A fully fleshed out, themed, scriptable dialog system. You _will_ have to write your own dialog object, using the "Advanced Dialog" object as a good starting place.
-It's not clear from the interface, but the "script" section of the editor doesn't actually call a script. It's just a place to put your own scripts. You have to write a script handler of some sort. i.e. you can just put GML in to the script section and expect it to execute. But rolling that yourself is easy, and means you can do fun things like eval expressions in the script, and only present that response if the script is true.
-Documented. Like, no docs at all. Read the code to understand how to use.


Life Jumb DT (Publisher) 14 November 2016

"Documented. Like, no docs at all. Read the code to understand how to use."
all de2 scripts described inside

but I will try soon to make a detailed tutorial


Adam T 06 July 2016

Needs some work BUT

There is some work that could be done. Upping the room speed or making a key buffer should fix the input lag. Also please make the delete key erase the character after the cursor, not before it.

I gave this 5 stars because it an excellent visual representation of a dialogue tree. The included examples and visuals make it look cheap, but this a very good asset to have. You will just have to be comfortable making this look 'good' and the author made it easy for me. Great job!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Morne B 16 February 2016

Looks and works great, but slow...

This is the perfect tool for my project, to replace Twine and be able to immediately use it with GMS! A must have for your toolbox!
This deserves 5 stars, but the slow IDE of the editor causes text characters to skip which makes it extremely frustrating since you cannot type fast! Please fix, add FPS.

Some tips:
. Make sure to include your new .de2 file in your GMS project! or it won't load the file.
. Make sure to edit and correctly specify your starting or current topic in GMS or you will get fatal error

. Super slow text input, causes missing characters.
. Editing my new *.de2 file in notepad externally, I see ESC and BS artifacts which I had to clean manually.
Features wanted:
1. You should add a basic how to help guide even in a script or somewhere as included file to help some of the less experienced GMS users.
. If no current topic specified, should jump to start
. Twine import (load)!
. Scroll with arrow keys and WASD keys!
. Open Editor's source code

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Life Jumb DT (Publisher) 13 November 2016

thanks for feedback


Micka e 10 December 2015


I cant add script, just want next room.

I make room_goto_next() in script if say yes, so dont work.

Iont have doc for do something.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Life Jumb DT (Publisher) 13 November 2016

script_execute( asset_get_index(de2_get_npc_script()) )


Jamie F 23 September 2015

Looks Great

But i am getting a strange graphics glitch with de2.exe
Here is a screen shot:
it constantly flashes like this, making the editor unusable. please fix. will give 5 stars if its fixed.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Life Jumb DT (Publisher) 23 September 2015

Of course, but nothing like I've never seen. A unique problem, i need more information.
Will try to fix quickly

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