A platformer engine with heavy emphasis on the movement of the main character. Perfectly fit for replicating or creating new games like Super Meat Boy.

This engine features:

  • Pixel perfect collision
  • Sticking to walls
  • Wall jumping
  • Double jumping
  • Variables for input easing greatly increasing game feel
  • Slopes
  • Fallthrough platforms
  • Moving platforms
  • Stretching and squashing of player sprite
  • Controller support

The trail is by the amazing trail asset by Killer.

Love you all.

Windows Demo

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published August 28, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 29 September 2017


Fermin F 10 July 2017

Delivers what It promises, but minor bug.

This is a great engine. Although I'd like to report a bug that happens when you try to collide with the moving block or the platform (I'm exclusively testing the demo, havent changed a single line.). If the moving platform/object is to collide with the player it ignores the collision and makes the player stick inside the collision box of the platform or block and disables the player movement. Player gets stuck inside basically. Hope this helps bring light to the solution!


foreverisbetter (Publisher) 23 October 2017

Hi, thanks for the review! This 'bug' is easy to fix but I left it in there as I wanted to deliver a project with all the movement options but no conditions when the player is going to die. If you need help with removing this behaviour just message me and I'll help gladly : )

If the player should die just put that in a collision event. For example for the platformer I'm currently working on it looks something like this:

in the obj_player end step event:

if place_meeting(x,y,obj_parent_hazard) /// all damaging objects are children of obj_parent_hazard
|| bbox_right < 0 || bbox_left > room_width || bbox_top > room_height || bbox_bottom < 0 /// if you're outside the room
if player_state != player_state.dead /// if the player is not already dead...
player_state = player_state.dead; /// ... then change his state to being dead


Mario H 08 October 2015

Animation problems on slopes.

The engine works very well for a game which visuals are as simple as the demo. I bought it to see if the slope movement could fix a problem i have when the player animation is walking down the slope, but i got the same problem, just like in my original script.


foreverisbetter (Publisher) 08 October 2015

could you describe which problem you did encounter ? What did you want to do exactly ? I would gladly try helping you to fix it.

BUT I just added a walking animation myself to see if there was any problem with the engine itself and everything worked completely fine. Even on slopes. So could you please refrain from giving the engine a bad review for not working properly after you changed stuff ?

Ps.: Maybe you just forgot to check the box "used for 3D" on your sprite properties ? That already happened a lot of times...

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