[Note that the upcoming GMS2 will contain all features in this asset natively]

Audio Leveller is a utility which helps you set up appropriate volume levels for all of the sounds in your game. The entire utility has been crammed into just one object--there's no additional scripts, sprites, etc.

You just place the Audio Leveller into your game, play with volume levels, and export the result as GML script, ready to be pasted elsewhere into your game.

There are a few configuration options available in the Create event for setting font and other things. See the included Read Me or comments!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.3

New features:

  • New configurable parameter, numberToShow; default 10.
  • New configurable parameter, myFont; default -1. Change to use your own fonts or leave as-is
  • New configurable parameter, initialLevel; default 1. Set initial volume of all sliders.
  • New configurable parameter, transitionTime; default 0. Alters transitionTime parameter in Export and Save
  • Much-needed vertical scrollbar added
  • Stop All button stops every sound
  • Save and Load buttons for multiple adjustment sessions
  • Shift-Click Save and Load to save multiple presets
  • Commenting Documentation indicates where and how to change parameters/position
  • Multiple Export files (Shift-click Export)
  • Additional documentation

Bug fixes:

  • Sliders activating while clicking and dragging on Export button
  • Many small issues where scrollbars caused additional button interactions *Fixed an issue where levels were not applied on load

Version 1.1.3. Published July 20, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1598

Age Rating: 4+

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Ivan B 02 October 2018

just WoW!

i give'd a chance to this asset, and i'm loving it. works like charm. Thank you, keep a good work!

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