A circular healthbar, drawn by wrapping a sprite around a coordinate.

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 4, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.166

Age Rating: 4+

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David A 16 July 2019


Anonymous 08 July 2019


Chris V 06 June 2019


Nick C 15 July 2019


Anonymous 06 November 2018


Maciej K 22 May 2018


Sol B 04 March 2018


Anonymous 25 February 2018

interesting concept

interesting concept but I run into a compile error saying I need 6 arguments even though the window only gives me the option to input 5. the 6th one would theoretically be the sprite but there is no box in the event window for it. if I get it working I will revise my rating. it would have been nice if comprehensive instructions had been included


Victor L 21 January 2018


Lucas L 16 January 2018


Great script, but counter clockwise is needed, and if i have semicircle like a "C" doesn't work.


Bill G 04 January 2018


Anonymous 19 July 2017

Recommended for learning purposes

This is very heavy on performance, but it helped me better understand how drawing with vertices works. So i recommend it for learning purposes.


Gerhard A 10 June 2017


The B 22 May 2017


Does what it says it will do, however it only works for a simple repeatable pattern, special effects will just get smeared.


Anonymous 03 April 2017


It's nice but it needs to be commented better. It's difficult to look at the code and see what everything does.


Anonymous 17 March 2017


Eric K 02 January 2017

Nice looking but very heavy on performance

Looks very good but you have to blur the edges of the sprite to not get the same aliasing look as the primitive draws.
The only problem is the performance, with 2 circles even at like 40 steps (default is 200) it sits at like 10% total game performance for 2 circle draws, thats above all my other code and draws and I have a very performance heavy game.
For 99% of game maker games this should not be a problem however.


Gary M 19 October 2016

Excellant, and Free to boot.


Anthony E 28 September 2016

Great Health bar system


Tomas D 27 January 2016

Pretty nice :)

First time downloading something from the marketplace, good job on the health bar :)


Aimee H 04 September 2015



omid g 24 January 2015

nice job

thank you


Jean-Michel B 14 October 2014

Needs more options

+ 1 for the option to draw clockwise and counter clockwise.


Andreas S 05 October 2014

Simple to use, just works

Thanks for this contribution.


Adam T 25 September 2017

Great! one suggestion though

I would like to request the option to draw clockwise and counter clockwise. Other then that the script works great


Colin T 02 September 2014

Works as advertised.

Here's some suggestions. I noticed you hard-coded the steps (line segments that make up the circle, basically) to 200. Not good - put an argument in that lets the user decide. Also, when I tried putting in a cool sprite (say, lightning for example) the script just smeared it. If you are going to use a sprite in the script, it needs to repeat the texture. Otherwise you could easily change to using just vertex_color and get a nice performance increase. Hope this helps you and good luck!


Caleb R 28 August 2014

Just What i was looking for!

This is just great, i have been looking for some way to make circular healthbars for such a long time and just could not get my head around them, now with this i not only can use them now but also understand them and how to make them from scratch, thanks for a great addon, that may i add works perfectly.

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