This script demonstrates how you can cut the number of objects in a room dramatically by "merging" them together to form larger ones. This is an ideal script for top down games and platform games, as it will permit more instances to be placed in a room, since it can lower your instance count by over 50% (as high as 80% in some cases).


Note that the scripts work by changing the sprite index, so you are advised to use TILES to draw the walls/platforms, then make the objects for collisions invisible and optimise them with this script.

You can find a companion script to add tiles to a room automatically based on the instances placed (also written by me) from the Marketplace here.

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 4, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.161

Age Rating: 4+

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Alexander R 26 March 2019

Excellent! Powerful!

YOU. You are a lifesaver!

This asset works on 3D objects with tiled textures, so it will likely work with anything.
Manually stretching blocks worked fine before, but this simple technique seemed daunting for procedural content.
This is exactly what I wanted, hoped for, and needed. Thank you!


Gadyka 5 01 February 2019


Juan B 07 November 2018

Perfect, does not work with physics!

It does what it says, plain and simple, it it perfect. Just note that if you are using physics for your collision this script does not work well if you obj_wall uses physics (just make it not physics and add fixture when the script is done).


Anonymous 11 February 2018


Simple and effective.


Anzhel D 06 February 2018



Dinesh R 20 August 2017

Simple and effective


Meryl I 19 August 2017

Simply Perfect

I have just optimised the collision objects in my game. In a total of 24 game levels I have saved on average 85% of object usage. I can still use singular collision objects in room editing secure in the knowledge that they will be compressed flawlessly on level start. Truly a must have script and controller object. [Zingot]


Claudio T 25 March 2017

Must have.

Specially if your game uses auto tiling with invisible objects as walls. Just make sure to run it after the objects are laid out and you can even run it squeeze a bit more optimization.


Jonathan M 19 May 2016

A must.

Simple and effective. You need that one.


Anonymous 01 July 2015

Clever, simple to use and super useful!


Yan H 30 July 2014

Awesome script

This is very effective and perfect for mobile games, because there is performance problem with mobile games. But with this script, the problem is fix'ed! :)

Thank you for this awesome script.

- Chinafreak


Anonymous 25 July 2014

Great script

No fuss script that will instantly optimise your existing game.

Don't rearrange instances in your room to get the best performance, just run the script in the create event, point it to the object name and you're done! It's really that simple.

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