UPDATE! 1.0.1 now contains a third variable - minimum width of camera. If all your tracked objects are really close together, you can now automatically stop the camera zooming in massively.

track_object_type is a script that allows you to define a certain object. It will then position a given view so that all instances of that object are on-screen simultaneously, through resizing and moving it.

For simplicity the function only supports one different type of object. If you have multiple players or other objects to track, it's simplest just to make the tracked object a parent of all of them.

Example included. In the example, click one of the black squares (the tracked object) to activate it, and use the D-pad to move it. The function will be running automatically through the Control object.

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Version 1.0.1. Published July 23, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 09 September 2018


Daniel W 08 November 2017

Extremely easy to implement, could use better docs

I imported this, and was able to get it working by changing a single variable.
Unfortunately there is some slight tweaking I'd like to do, (min zoom is too close, max zoom is too far)
...and I haven't found any documentation for it.


Maarten W 22 September 2017


Although it needs bounds so that it doesn't go further than the walls and ceiling, otherwise awesome, just what I was seeking!


Mike R 07 August 2017

Game Maker Studio 2 Conversion Complete!

I love this system so much that I made a version compatible with Game Maker Studio 2 using the new camera system. Was an easy conversion! Good stuff!


Ty G 08 May 2016

Absolutely Brilliant

It's absolutely brilliant, however it could do with a maxwidth maxheight thing so it stops at the sides and ceiling of the rooms. Other than that, it's all good :)


Steven R 28 July 2015

Thanks for this. (but)

This is a great extension, but I did notice in your example that if 3 of the 4 tracking objects are grouped closely and the 4th one is farther away, then the 4th one is not shown in the view. Could you look at this and provide an update.



yeyo c 03 July 2015


wow is so cool, but i have a question, how i can make it no detect unit with tag "dead"


Rene D 02 July 2015


Very nice camera. You should put an argument for maxwidth as well.


Curial L 13 February 2015

Cool and simple asset

Nice for a multiplayer or coop game but it mind some question that I post preferably on forums (little space here)


john b 18 December 2014

Really good asset

A very smooth effect for keeping multiple objects within the camera view


Jarin R 10 August 2014

Good asset

I want this tutor be long time .
Thank for my dream.


Trent H 14 July 2014

This works absolutely perfectly!

The effect is perfect, its smooth, elegant and so far flawless!
An instruction file would be much appreciated to better explain implimenting it with objects that aren't from the example as well as editing the min and max zooming. I did eventually work it out and I'm super happy with the result, it gave my games a very smooth and professional look to them after implimentation.

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