Blood Engine is a highly customizable gore engine written for platform games built from the ground up to be small, module and easy to implement into any project


Gml integrated functions

Customize color

Customize speed

Customize direction

Customize speed

Customize size

100% modifiable source


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.1

Included additional files

Version 1.0.1. Published March 23, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1565

Age Rating: 9+

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Tommy A 03 January 2018


Anonymous 13 September 2017

I love this

Thanks for developing it :3


Bart B 26 March 2017


So, so beautiful :D


Connor M 08 August 2016

Pretty Useless

It acts as if ALL objects are squares, making half blocks and triangles have blood floating above them as if it were a square. This makes this asset USELESS for platformer games.
Apart from that, it is a substantial blood engine.
Edit: I fixed the issue myself. But developer offered no help/support so I'm leaving it at 3.


Anonymous 02 November 2016


Looks great for 2d platformers
copy and paste from the GMC with some added stuff.

Do not buy! You can get it for free on the GMC:
The author copied and pasted it, and is now trying to sell it. I got this asset when it was free.
It should always stay free


IndieKeep (Publisher) 07 February 2016

Dan I wrote this myself. None of it even looks like his code?


Dave B 29 October 2015


It looks amazing!


Youri B 07 August 2015


Great engine, I got a question tho. If I don't want it to spawn on mouseclick but on collision with a other player, how can I make it spawn from the point of impact and make it go the same direction as the bullet went? Thanks in advance! :)


Oscar R 21 May 2015


First of all it is great(I would pay for it) and it is free! Why would you put 0 stars Mahipal?! I will give you 5 stars and congratulate you, very easy to use and very effective!


Anonymous 23 March 2015

Larger room error

It won't work on android rooms greater than 2048/2048, cuz the maximum texture page size is that 2048

in window it can work maximum 8192/8192 cuz it has that much size texture page capability,

I have android games and want to use in 12000 room size, can you help me regarding this.



IndieKeep (Publisher) 23 March 2015

It uses a surface to draw the blood and in the past I have had trouble with them on android, my suggestion is possibly draw the surface only in the view and/or just use a small amount of blood objects.

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