string_zeroes takes a real value and returns it with 0s at the front until the total number of digits in the string is a number you define.

This is useful for a few different things. Most practically, displaying time. Digital clocks will show the time of "five minutes past eleven" as "11:05", not as "11:5". You can use string_zeroes(minutes,2) to quickly make this accurate while leaving a time like 11:32 unaffected.

It's also handy for retro games, where the score is always displayed as a set number of digits. See for example Super Mario Bros, where time is displayed as something like 500, 092 or 001, and score is 000500, 001000 or 219500.

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 3, 2014

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Anonymous 24 October 2018


lu j 05 November 2016

needs instructions

hi NAL im new to doing scores like this and was looking forward to using your extensions but all you have got is the extension and a script no step by step instructions for someone who has never used this before my question is how do i use this for my score



Daniel D 30 August 2015

Very good asset


craig s 24 April 2015

Awesome script


Daimen W 03 July 2014

Works as intended

Not much to say, just does what it says.

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