• SYSTEM OF AUTOMATIC VOLUME, choose the number of bars
  • Volume Bars Horizontal
  • Volume Bars Vertical
  • Volume System Circular (Smooth rotation)
  • Several Fun Skins,
  • Multiple Custom Skins (Pacman eating the volume bar, etc)
  • Option to move the volume system without the position of the bars or buttons miss
  • Package animated buttons and bars
  • Choose The size of each volume bar
  • Control The volume across your game
  • Compatible with the new audio engine
  • Choose controlled by each volume bar sounds
  • Save the configuration of the volume bars
  • 10 Test audio tracks, composed by: (Do not be used without first talking to the composer)
  • Resize the volume bars easily
  • Change the look of the system very easily
  • Does not require credits
  • Shows the percentage of audio
  • Power lively bars add volume *Test sound volume to release the left mouse
  • Super commented code
  • Good design
  • user friendly
  • 'HIDE' (You can put the invisible and visible system)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 2.6.1


Version 2.6.1. Published June 2, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.416

Age Rating: 4+

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Johan B 13 September 2016

Works perfectly

I have used this in my Game, please see credits here: (The credits option within my game will open the Steam browser to the credits page)
If you would like anything changed on the credits page please contact me <3


Slim S 25 July 2016


Work well but i have the problem with center the menu. Can you say how to fix this:


Maxim N 04 July 2015

very well done


Andreas M 19 April 2015

Very good

Works well.

But I have a room with the volume object for the user. I added an invisible volume object in the first room to fix the volume of all sounds. But it inits the wrong volume. When I move the volume object and change the value it will be wrong the next time.
FIXED the above problem:
Add this in Create Event:
// Save My Pos
// Load Last pos of object (So the positions of the volume bars will be ok when do the first calc)

Add this in Step>Movement code:
// Set the object to the position I want
// Note: I swaped all xxx, yyy to x,y in the code
if SetMyPos

Tips for the movement code:
I switched all the x, y and xxx, yyy so that I can change the x and y to move the object. Better standard to change the x and y instead of special variables xxx and yyy.

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Clavos Studios (Publisher) 09 May 2015

Version 2.5.0 Date:5/9/2015
*See bugs fixed (final of page)*

     *NEW SYSTEM OF AUTOMATIC VOLUME added !!, you can choose the number of bars(More in instructions)
     *New Volume Skim Circular
     *New Skim of Rocket (vertical Volume)
     *Added gradual rotation in Volume Circular
     *Now use the STEP BEGIN event is made for greater control
     *To hide the system volume now native variable is used 'visible'
     *Code shorter and efficient
     *Faster response time
     *All test sounds have been changed and added more
     *The instructions Have Been updated
     *Added Script "release_notes" to record the Changes Between versions
     *Variable 'mode' was changed to 'hide'
     *Now the final position of the system volume is saved and loaded at startup to avoid errors
     *Removed objects buttons 'oButton_Mode' added object button 'oButton_hide' instead


Oscarlo P 10 February 2015

Excellent work and very good designs!!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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