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This asset is designed to work in conjuction with the TMC Particle Lab effect editor. There are no effects included in the asset itself, it just contains the Custom particle sprites and the Effect template. Please read the Terms of Use below.

TMC Particle Lab for Android :

Windows Desktop

Full version :

Free :

Coming soon to iOS and Windows 8.

TMC Particle Lab let's you create some awesome particle effects using multiple particle systems, emitters and particles. It is free to download for mobile devices with no limits except GML Export is locked.

Design your cool effects using the editor, then import the exported GML script into your project.

Make a copy of the TMC_PL_Effect_Template_obj, and simply paste the code from the script in to the events of the copy to recreate the effect.

Feel free to name the object anything you want. If you want the effect to have a certain lifetime, set alarm[1] in the create event to destroy the object when the alarm goes off.

The object cleans up any particle systems, emitters and particles used on destroy.

Try moving or rotating the object for some nice effects!

Terms of Use You are free to use the particle sprites enclosed in this asset in any of your creations, commercial or not, as long as you own a full copy of TMC Particle Lab (GML Export enabled), and use them as part of a TMC Particle Lab effect. You are not allowed to repack or resell the individual sprite assets, or resell effects you create as standalone products.

For further information, please visit

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.2

added support for Single Shot emitting updated Instructions

Version 1.0.2. Published April 10, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1542

Age Rating: 4+

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Ever m 12 June 2016


asset is empty.


Anonymous 11 May 2016


Very Good, thanks.


Morne B 28 March 2016

Fastest Particles Render Tool

I love to use my android 10inch tablet to create particle layered effects with this tool, while I watch TV with I can sneak in some game dev time while we all are relaxing.

I like the many export and email export methods from my tablet.

Would like to see some more features with updates, and a PC version where GUI hud is around particle screen and not over it so I can see live changes with all the sliders on the side. I understand on mobile the buttons will be too small for this design idea.

Great tool, comes with only 3 free exports, so now I will have to buy it to get all my projects exported - but there is no easy or obvious upgrade here button? Only a remove ads button.

So how do I update the get the unlimted exports to GML?


Andreas M 18 May 2015

Great Tool

Works great. Easy to use.
You should add the sprite names to the particles in the lab. Not just sprite16, sprite17. When I import an effect I just want the necessary sprites. Right now I have to check through all the sprites and compare them so that I can remove the unnecessary.

Is it possible to get a clean finish to the particles? In a simple way like CleanFinish=true? When I use waterfalls and sets the alarm [1] as the end time. The particles is destroyed after that time. Wishing it would stop creating new particles and then after a while the object is destroyed.

I know I can add change alarm[1] to alarm[2]. Add alarm[1] with stop=true. In alarm[0] add:
if em1_streaming=true part_emitter_stream(ps1,em1,pt1,0);
if em0_streaming=true part_emitter_stream(ps0,em0,pt0,0);
under the line alarm[2]=pt_maximum_life

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