Designed to be the last button system you'll ever use, GM Buttons is a professional, easy-to-use, highly customizable and lightweight button framework for GameMaker: Studio. Originally it was built for personal use, but became a core feature of JCHTML5 and was praised by many for its ease of use.

NOTE: Due to the way extensions are packaged with assets, you need to unzip the included file and import both .gmez extensions into your project.


  • TweenGMS is integrated to help you make smoothly animated buttons that give your projects that professional feel
  • Button behaviour is tailored differently for touch and non-touch devices
  • Perfect for desktop, mobile and HTML5 browsers
  • Complete multi-touch (max 4 touches), can easily be disabled to increase performance on slow devices
  • Custom tweening scripts for button entry/exit animations
  • Can use tweening and/or sub-images for different button states
  • Easily make any object or button draggable with included scripts
  • Full-screen invisible button included, useful for games where the controls are screen areas
  • Handy scripts for accessing button attributes and creating custom controls
  • Buttons inherit all behaviour and can be easily and fully customised
  • Animations for each button event (over, press, down, release, leave, enter animation, exit animation)
  • Includes example buttons and sounds

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Version 1.0.2. Published January 29, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.344

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 19 April 2019

Can't get it to start

Hi! I tried to start the demo, but it's not starting. Same error message as in the post from 30.April 2015
"Error in Object obj_GMB_init, Event Create, Action 2 at line 4, Position 2: Unknown function or script: TGMS_Extension_Init"
There is no such file.

After adding TMX extension to the extension folder, theres still an error message:
Error : gml_Script_GMB_ButtonEvent(7) : "argument1" is a global built-in and cannot be used as an instance variable


Riccardo P 30 April 2015


I tried to run the demo but I got an error on run it with gms 1.4.1567 "Error in Object obj_GMB_init, Event Create, Action 2 at line 4, Position 2: Unknown function or script: TGMS_Extension_Init"; while the alien demo works fine...
please can you help me?


Sam Whillance (Publisher) 08 June 2015


Is the TweenGMS extension in the Extensions folder?

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