If you were looking to create a game like Battletoads or Double Dragon, Then this is the stepping stone to get you there! Beat Em Up is the perfect start to making your Side Scrolling Beat Em Up style video game. Swap out the graphics, change the controls(if you wish), edit the level and Unleash fury upon your foes!

  • Features include:

  • Playable character with combos

  • Room switching

  • Enemy counting

  • Easy adjust settings to your liking

  • Artificial depth of player and enemies

  • Fully commented code

No credit is necessary, But I would love to see what you create using this!

Please Rate and Review if you find this useful! And if you need help/support feel free to email me at

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published January 25, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1499

Age Rating: 4+

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Anton P 26 January 2019


very bad


dave m 30 July 2017


very simple


Leandro O 10 September 2017

Works perfectly!

A nice template to start your own beat em up.

For those having difficulties installing it: Start a new project. Go to "extensions" -> right click -> import extension from library -> login with your yoyo games account. The file will be there to download. click download, and choose import all. Everything will be now in your project!


Anonymous 04 January 2017

.. not sure if this is right..

There was only 1 file, a Gmez file, and I have no clue what to do with it.. im sure there would be more files. I think I wasted my money


giovanni t 16 December 2016

Corrupt files

Download is broken, file downloads as gmez file at only 2,159kb. Once fixed and re-purchased I will rate up.


Anonymous 04 November 2015

Doesn't compile properly

Well... there goes my 2 dollars...
I just get a black window when I try to compile it. I don't know if the problem is with game maker or my laptop or your code. least I have the documentation. seriously though it's the only thing that's keeping me from giving this 0 stars... hope the publisher or GM finds this and fix this. I'm gonna try a different laptop...


Samuel L 13 February 2015

Works great, well documented, but needs additions

It's super easy to understand with how well it is commented with explanations (It helped me better learn Switch/Case scenarios better) but is missing some helpful additions such as:

- Dashing, running, run attack
- 2 or more button simultaneous presses (for throws or supers, etc.)
- Weapons
- Interactive environments (trash cans, poles, etc) and/or pickups

Not necessary but would be great with:
- Boss characters
- Pop in enemies (like the guys on motorcycles that drive by quickly in other beat-em-ups)
- Explosives/fire

I understand it would take time to add these but I think it's entirely feasible based on how the project is structured. I'd easily give it 5 Stars for sure if it added the first few things noted as it's already great, but just with a few minor gaps.


Santiago S 01 February 2015

Not bad

Not bad, it was well written, but to be put in "projects" category leaves me with the idea that there should be more. This feels more like a "demo" category item.

There is lots of room for improvement before it deserves to be in the Project Category or compared as a starting point for Double Dragon or Battletoads. Maybe the promise was too big and here is why.

For example, unlike Battletoads and/or Double Dragon, there is no double tap run, grabbing/throwing, double button press special move, run attack, item pickup, weapon pickup etc.

It's well written, but a long way from being a significant starting point to one of the games mentioned in the description.

Good job, hopefully there will be some updates that put this code in a category where it becomes an invaluable asset to making beat'em up games.

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