The Ultimate Textbox Engine is the best way to easily add textbox's and scripting into your game. From simple textbox's to full visual novels. All code is pure GML, so it should work across all systems.


  • Actor system that allows unlimited number of sprites, talking sprites and smooth animations/transitions.
  • Easy to understand tag system for your script, for example [DELAY:1000] will pause the typing for 1 second.
  • Mappable values, easily add new colours, fonts and then access them all from your scripts.
  • Place markers in your script that allows you to easily jump around the script. Can choose a different path depending on what a player has done.
  • Auto-Formatting with cache. Never have to worry about where to place newlines! The formatter will handle all of this for you, and even allows you to pre-load scripts to speed up loading.

Example script

[FONT:ARIAL][COLOR:RED]This is an example script, press enter to continue[CONTINUE] [CLEAR]Seems pretty easy to use doesn't it?

The background is courtesy of All other assets are part of UTE

A list of all the accepted tags can also be found here There is also custom binding so you can add your own.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published January 27, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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Simon D 30 June 2018


Mark R 08 September 2017


Absolutley no usage document, comments in code do not explain anything at all. Cannot even test the functionality. I tried contacting Publisher here and on their official website. Its been 2 weeks and no reply, basically wasted $2 on worthless junk from a developer who doesn't give a crap.



Matthew W 18 August 2017

Terrible - 0 Stars

The thing that is the most stupid is that this guy's code doesn't work, 1 because he tries to reference a ds_list key with a string. 2 because there is no proper documentation and you have to spend hours looking at the source code to figure out how anything works and 3 because he tied his code so tight you can't fix most of the errors. Don't buy this it was ultimately a waste of money for me.


Anonymous 29 November 2016

Better than expected

Its very well thought out, most of what is coded works as expected without errors. One issue I'm having is how to properly go in and out of the textbox scenes without changing rooms. Destroying the textbox seems to work but I'm not sure if I should also delete the textbox settings to free memory. Like everyone else has said, there isn't enough comments and details on every piece of the puzzle to use the engine to its full potential without wasting time going through it trial and error style. Still, I respect the work put into it.


Joshua S 06 April 2016

Very good, but documentation lacking explanation

The engine is very good and flexible. There are many amazing features and possibilities with this, however with the way it's coded it's surely lacking in clear documentation. I don't know if I'm just stupid but I spent hours going back and forth through all of the code, trying to figure out how everything is structured. This text engine has just about every feature I could ask for, other than being able to have multiple typing/text sounds in one script. I wasn't able to get my own variables and effects working either. (And yes, I do have experience in GML).

None of this would've been a problem if the creator responded to those who contact him. I've searched the ends of the earth trying to find other ways to get in contact, yet no reply. I guess I'll just spend several more hours trying to traverse my way through this puzzle.


Jordi d 31 March 2016

Really good! (but needs some tweakings/fixes)

I've been tampering a few days with it and it really helps to deal with texts in Game Maker! I could swear this is what Undertale uses for its dialogues :P

Also, the code is quite clear and easy to access and modify.

For example, I've added a border function in less than a hour. So it's a great starting point for whatever cool things you want to do with texts in your game!

Update: After some prolongated use I found some problems with the internal code regarding the management of variables and other minor issues. I've been able to solve them with some patches on the engine -after some headaches-, but for the ones less skilled with GML can suppose a problem :(


Dominic D 12 March 2016

Seems great, incredibly difficult to use.

I've spent hours going through scripts trying to figure out how to do anything. There are very little comments and no documentation at all. You are pretty much expected to figure out everything on your own.

I am by no means an advanced user and I'm still fairly new to GML. But the difficulty was not that I didn't understand what the script did rather than having absolutely no point of reference. You are given a tutorial that briefly goes through the features and that's it.

The description states that you can "easily add textbox's and scripting into your game". Yet I had to dig through scripts called by scripts called by script to find the line that creates text boxes. Then I wasn't sure I was using it right. Then I tried to use a script and could not update it as it had "preformated" it once.

Basically, this seems awesome and full of useful features. But you're simply given a working tutorial with 0 instruction or any information as to how any of it works.


Ruisu L 21 August 2015

Great engine / Sometimes a bit hard to follow

Don't get me wrong, this engine is one of the best for its purpose but it's hard to follow if you're on the learning curve.
Thanks to the publiser for this


Uncle R 23 July 2015

Superior text / dialogue engine.

I have tried most, if not all, of the text / dialogue engines featured on the Yoyo Marketplace, including dozens more that are not on here. Thus far, this is the best engine I have found - by leaps and bounds. It is huge, but the amount of features does not make it hard to use. Everything is laid out in a understandable way with a "fair" amount of commenting. The comments are added in the places that you would likely need to be at when customizing it. With that said, I suggest some definite GML experience when using this engine if you want to customize it anything beyond appearance. But that is to be expected from something so feature rich!

So yes, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a feature rich text / dialogue engine. I can easily see creating a game with branching dialogue with this asset. If you are looking for a good text / dialogue engine, look no further. You've found it!

However, developer needs to update email address on here.

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