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SpeakEasy: Lipsync made easy.

SpeakEasy by ShroomDoom Studios is a GameMaker runtime designed to play back keyframe data exported from the lipsynching program Papagayo.

Import .dat files from Papagayo as included files into your GameMaker project. Parse them and then play back their keyframe data in-game using SpeakEasy.

SpeakEasy is ideal for animating character mouth shapes during in-game dialogue and cutscenes.

Download the SpeakEasy demo (Windows only) here:

Papagayo is a GPL-licensed open source lipsynching program originally designed to work with the animation package Anime Studio. It can be used to more quickly and easily keyframe out cartoon character mouth animation.

Download Papagayo for free from Lost Marble:

Included with the SpeakEasy runtime are two example projects, one basic playback demo and another slightly more complicated NPC dialogue exchange that implements Spine animation skeletons.

SpeakEasy has been tested on PC and Windows Phone. It currently doesn't run in web browsers because GameMaker's support for parsing external files in HTML5 is broken. A fix is on the way.

Read the full documentation for SpeakEasy (including attributions) here:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published December 21, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1496

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 24 March 2019

Didn't end up using this, but hope to get a chance

Looks really good in the example and seemed easy to mess with, and although we ended up using a simpler option, it's great to see content like this available for free online. Keep up the grand work.


Anonymous 17 August 2018


omid g 26 February 2018


wow dude, it's perfect.
is there anyway i can donate.


Ali A 30 August 2017


Anonymous 10 January 2017

Not Working

Not Working! And you know this! To apologize is inadequate. Please fix this error and update the application. If you will not update, delete the example. Unjust gain is not honesty!!!


ShroomDoom Studios (Publisher) 14 July 2017

Actually, I don't get anything from this. Between all of my assets I have over 8700 downloads, but zero revenue. Collectively I've put hundreds of hours into everything I've published (the demo included with SpeakEasy alone took like 10 hours), but I give it all away for free. There's no money on this platform, my interactions with support have been mixed at best, discoverability sucks, GameMaker is buggy as hell, and frankly I'm at a point in my life where I don't have the time to maintain my stuff here. So, I give it away for free (because you're right--to charge for something broken is unjust gain), but with the caveat that everything comes as-is. I've tried to fix SpeakEasy--but the project, imported into the latest version of GM 1.4, doesn't even compile, and doesn't give errors. Kudos to you if you can figure out why for yourself, but it's not worth my time to do support on a three-year-old hunk of code I make no money from that breaks with every engine update.


Solongbus B 02 January 2017


Angel S 15 September 2016

Doesn't compile :(.


ShroomDoom Studios (Publisher) 16 September 2016

Really sorry about that! Given I haven't really updated this asset in almost two years, it breaking had to happen eventually. (Life outside of gamedev got kind of crazy and I sort of moved on from the Marketplace.)
I'll take a look at it this weekend and hopefully get it patched.
Would you mind sending me the specific compile errors you're getting?


Anonymous 05 December 2015

VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesom

VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!VERY Awesome!


John S 28 May 2015

VERY Awesome!

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