With this asset you can create custom screen shakes by calling only a single function. This function permits you to set the magnitude of the shake, the type of shaking (from various different styles) as well as fade in, fade out and maintain values to create any type of shaking effect you require.

The effect can be used for a single view in a game, for multiple views, and even if there are no views active in your game (although one will be activated in this case, but only for the duration of the screen shaking effect).

You can fire off multiple screen shake function calls and unless they are for different views they will "stack" in a single instance of the screen shake object (rather than spawn a new instance) and so keep resource use to a minimum.

Should work on all platforms, but note that if your code is setting the view position manually, the positional shakes may not work correctly since they change the x/y position of the view. However the radial shake style will still work and can be used without issues.

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Version 1.0.7. Published December 5, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.299

Age Rating: 4+

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jaden k 30 April 2019


Anonymous 23 September 2018

A lot

This asset has a lot of way's to use it. I like the radial shake, it's ideal for a local multiplayer shake. Very useful.


Simon Z 04 July 2018


Ricardo R 06 November 2015

Nice effect

I am GMS newbie and could easily integrate this asset with my actual project.


John L 24 December 2014

Easy to use, well made, and does what you want.

This makes adding screen shake to your game a breeze. One script call takes care of everything: shake type, intensity, duration, and easing. The extension is smartly constructed and very well commented. The included demonstration is quite complete and amusing. Asset makers could learn something from this package.

The effect is also careful to preserve and restore your view settings, however, this does present a small problem. It may not be possible for a game to change its view while the effect is happening, depending on the type of shake selected. If a game can change its view during the effect, when the effect ends the view will be reset to the settings it had when started. Depending on the game, this might cause no problems, a momentary visual glitch, or it could make the effect unusable. For this reason, I cannot give the extension a perfect score. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the future.

Overall, this is an excellent effect and highly recommended.


Nocturne Games (Publisher) 16 February 2015

One of the reasons I have the rotational shake as well as the x/y shake was to help mitigate this issue. If you are moving the x/y position of the view, then the rotational shake is the ideal solution, however I think that when it comes to using views for screen shaking no matter what you do there will be no "perfect" solution for everyone and it will depend on the game and what you want. This is my attempt to get as close as possible though and I thank you for the kind review!


Vinz 1 21 December 2014

All you need to screen shake like a boss

view_angle, view_xview and view_yview are superbly demonstrated in these scripts.

Plus there are nice additions like easing the screen shaking in and out.

Should be quite easy to study and add to your own game.


Benjamin A 02 November 2016

It works great and is well documented

I wasn't expecting to see rotation in the shake so that was a nice touch. This also made me laugh.

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