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A collection of 16 color files to change the color coding style of the GameMaker IDE. After you've imported the included files, go to File > Preferences > Scripts and Code, and click "Import" in the "Colors" section. Locate the included files in the "datafiles" folder in your project directory. Pick your choice and your color coding will change.

Visit the forum thread (link above) for more screenshots.

Remember to read the asset's EULA:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.2.0

Added "Aqua" and "Magma".

Version 1.2.0. Published November 25, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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Jony A 21 August 2018


Brett B 27 August 2018

No longer works

GMS2 can't import GM8 .col files. Would have to convert it to JSON and fill out the rest of the data like font name etc.


Mytino (Publisher) 22 March 2019

Yes, it won't work in GMS 2. This asset was made for GMS 1.


Anonymous 01 August 2018


Nice color combination. Not straining for your eyes.
I love RDark


V. M 19 February 2018


Bart B 13 August 2017


Love them :3


Anonymous 11 August 2017

How to Import

Can you explain how to add it into my Game Maker? It did not work for me.


Mytino (Publisher) 20 August 2017

Are you using GameMaker Studio 1? There are instructions in the description. Have you read them?


Anonymous 16 July 2017

Much better than the default

I like all the 16 color schemes better than the default one. That being said, I believe the contrast for the comment colors is too low. They're hard to see in basically every color scheme in this set.

Otherwise, great pack.


Anonymous 26 December 2016


You can custom your color scheme with many different types, it is very easy to install, totally compatible with the built-in intellisense gml has and the code looks so much better! :D


Druid W 15 June 2016

Great for other asset sellers!

If you selling asset here on marketplace, you need this. Screenshots with code windows looks more badas and that boost sales!


Ruben W 15 June 2016

Lost asset



Jaimie D 15 June 2016

Most Simple Asset in the Store

I was creating this asset until I realized Mytino had already created it! Good choice of colors! Moonlight is my favorite.


BlackOpz F 21 November 2015

Nice but cant see Comments

I like the color schemes but except for Neon and the standard files all the comments are Grey. I like my comments to be more visible since I use //------ lines to separate code blocks. Xcept for that VERY nice.


Mytino (Publisher) 23 November 2015

Thanks! I see what you mean, there are more styles that have colored comments, but most of the styles' comments look kind of transparent compared to the background. You can easily change the color of comments if you go to the preferences though, where you can pick your own colors.


davide m 27 October 2015

Thank you!

Moonlight rocks!


Franciszek P 23 September 2015

Really nicely done

I very much appreciate Neon - good choice of colors.


Damar S 21 July 2015

A.. Its help me much...

5 stars... better than GMS color coding...


Piotr G 24 March 2015

Love it

I love to use Monokai theme on Notepad++, so I really love now my GM:S editor now too, cause of same look!


Morne B 01 December 2014

works like a charm

It is always nice to customize your workplace!

Thank you for making this free,
would love if it was a GMS theme though to make it more visible what is currently active in GMS.


Chris J 24 November 2014

An awesome choice of colors for free.

Normally I don't care much to change settings of my code editor, but when I saw the screen shots and decided to download it, I wasn't disappointed. My personal favorite is Neon so I can code at night without a large white background from the editor shining against my walls, letting my parents know I'm awake.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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